Can you buy or sell an entire book of business? Yes and here’s how.

Marlene Baugh has been a real estate agent in Virginia for nearly 40 years. In that time, she has served families across multiple generations, built deep and lasting relationships with her clients, and established a successful, trusted team business.

Luxury Agent Spotlight: Adrian Burke

Real estate is often a second career, but few agents have a background like Adrian Burke. As a Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Burke brings an extreme level of professionalism and service to his real estate business in Miami with ONE Sotheby’s International Realty.

Here’s why this broker is sending 1,000 cards this holiday season

Lori Dake, a real estate broker with Kale Realty in Chicago, draws, addresses and stamps each card by hand — a tradition she’s observed since high school that consistently draws business and friendship.

5 actions to generate more client referrals

Creating a business based on regular and recurring referrals is the ideal for any real estate professional. But it doesn’t just happen. It takes work. It requires you to be different, be proactive and provide extraordinary levels of service.

Get top testimonials!

Good reviews are no longer a “nice to have.” They’re essential. They’re critical to your success. That’s why I invited a testimonial expert on today’s show to teach you five simple questions to elicit the most powerful reviews.

ReferralExchange Real Estate Referral Service

ReferralExchange is the premier referral network in the real estate industry …

3 expert tactics to win more referrals in 2018

Never underestimate the importance of your sphere of influence in real estate — referrals are the source of an estimated 42% of your business, and an additional 24% comes from past clients themselves. A full 2/3 of your business comes from people you know, so keeping up with them is critical …

Podcast: The 4 secrets to setting up a money-making database

Many agents think they have a solid database only to wonder where all the repeat and referral business is. A database requires nurturing to avoid the black hole of incorrect and incomplete information …

Podcast: 3 undeniable facts on creating repeat and referral business

It’s the prized possession of top producing real estate agents in the business — their center of influence and past client database. For agents who take this spoke seriously, this is the group that can save you from a lifetime of never ending cold cal…

How one agent found her calling as a parody pop star

You know those songs that just get into your head and never leave? Like Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.” One smart and talented real estate agent has found a way to make those ear worm gems her own — and it’s helped her business. With less comedic edge …