WATCH: Getting things done in one click

At ICLV, executives from Reali, Redefy and Pre Open House talked about how they’re leveraging technology to make the real estate process easier for consumers.

Redefy teams up on referrals with Home Captain

The flat-fee brokerage will now connect unrepresented buyers to agents in Home Captain’s network of 32,000 real estate pros.

No agent, no problem? Redefy launches DIY flat-fee listing platform

Flat-fee real estate brokerage Redefy wants to make it easier for homesellers to list their home without the help of a real estate agent. 

No agent, no problem? Redefy launches DIY flat-fee listing platform

For $379, sellers can get listings with 10 photos in the MLS, Zillow and as well as a yard sign, contracts, addendums and disclosures — all without an agent.

Flat-fee brokerage Redefy initiates new private securities offering

Publicly traded flat-fee brokerage Redefy announced on Wednesday a new private securities offering of up to $6 million to fuel anticipated growth. 

Why eXp’s top tech exec joined flat-fee rival Redefy

Scott Petronis, the newly appointed chief product and technology officer at discount brokerage Redefy, believes the consumer is getting overshadowed in the real estate industry. Finding a company that he believes has a greater focus on the consumer is …

Flat-fee brokerage Redefy to go public

Redefy, a flat-fee brokerage that charges homeowners $3,500 to sell online, has announced plans to go public.

Remodel or replace? Top 10 ROI opportunities in popular home improvement projects

The 2017 Cost vs. Value report by Remodeling magazine documents the national and regional costs and ROI (return on investment) for 29 popular home improvement projects …

‘Alexa, how much is my house worth?’ Redefy has an Echo app

Amazon’s Echo smart home product — which uses a voice assistant known as “Alexa” — can stream music, call you an Uber, set a timer and give you the news. Now, if you enable a “skill” from a certain real estate company, Alexa can also tell you how muc…

Does a brokerage really need a brick-and-mortar location?

The storefront office with the flyers in the window has been the cornerstone of brokerage operations, from small towns to downtown locations. Is it still a relevant way to do business? Do brokerages really need a brick-and-mortar location? Yes. And no….