Is it time to leave your real estate team?

To work with a team or go it alone — the question becomes: Which option is best for me? The answers to these questions are different for everyone.

5 soul-searching questions all aspiring team leaders should ask themselves

Before you begin assembling a real estate team, there are several critical, soul-searching questions to ask yourself. Here are five things to consider (and answer) before you start the process.

Investing in Lead Generation Paves the Way to Mega Milestone

In the following interview, Matt Delhougne, broker/owner of RE/MAX Vision in Chesterfield, Mo., discusses generating leads, operating a team, and more. Region Served: St. Louis Metro area Years in Real Estate: 19 No. of Team Members: 41 agents, 14 support staff 2017 Closed Transactions: 671 Goal for 2018 Closed Transactions: 1,000 You grew your team […]

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3 pros (and cons) of joining a real estate team

Many in the industry love to talk about the benefits of joining a real estate team right now. It’s true that there are pros to being a team agent. But some agents will find that the pros to working on a team are outweighed by the cons.

6 critical must-dos when starting a real estate team

At the point in a real estate agent’s career that his or her lead generation system consistently produces too many leads to handle personally, that agent has to decide what represents the optimal way to respond to this exhausting abundance. And because…

4 essential questions you should ask before joining a real estate team

Real estate teams are an incredibly popular topic for discussion these days. The effectiveness and success of teams is undeniable, and the ability to leverage talents and time effectively are the key components to why teams are such a successful force …

How to build a brand identity as a brand new team

You created a real estate team because you wanted to offer customers a unique service, and you do. You probably also sought to take others under your wing, and help them to excel like you have. Most importantly, you wanted your clients to understand th…

How to start a real estate team as a first-year agent

Want to start a real estate team but have little-to-no experience as an agent? Believe it or not, it’s possible to get a successful team running your first year in the business. The success of Pat Hiban’s recent podcast guest David Serpa is proof of that …

Recruiting talent for your team? Try these 4 inexpensive strategies

As the real estate industry moves into the most competitive era in history, team leaders can only afford recruitment activities with the highest possible ROI for time and money spent …