Exiting real estate: Is your business ready for you to leave?

Although it’s smart to have a retirement plan, it’s even smarter to have a transition or backup plan in case you have to leave the business earlier than you anticipated. Take the quiz to find out if you’re ready to exit when the time comes.

Think you’re good at closing? Take the quiz!

Here are 10 questions from our new agent sales training that address different aspects of the closing process — let’s see how well you do.

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Quiz: Can you handle the truth?

You decided to get into real estate or you’re thinking about getting into real estate full-time and want to be a member of an elite team in your area. Are you prepared for what it takes to make it? Answer these questions with yes or no to find out if y…

12 amazing content marketing ideas — no blogging allowed

Just keep in mind, when it comes to content the key is making it relevant to your target prospects — in terms of distribution, design and message. So read on to get inspired, stay creative and generate content that will help draw attention to your bra…

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