Texas mega MLS provides full Remine toolset to 38,000 agents

Dallas-based multiple listing service North Texas Real Estate Information Systems is upgrading to Remines entire suite of services.

Hyperlocal app PropertyRadar now offers mortgage data

The one-time darling software for finding prospective foreclosures is now offering same tech for small businesses, such as real estate agents and mortgage brokers.

Remine’s $30M is being put to good use

Recently infused with cash, Remine has upgraded its interface, introduced new agent tools and is seeing quick adoption of its mobile version.

CoreLogic to acquire insurance claims software provider

Real estate analytics company CoreLogic announced Monday it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Symbility Solutions, an insurance claims technology platform.

The Great Debate: What the MLS Can Be, and What It Should Be

Ask any agent, broker or constituent in real estate: There are challenges facing the Multiple Listing Service. A discussion on the future of the MLS—what it can be, and what it should be—hosted by the California Association of REALTORS® (C.A.R.) recently illuminated those issues, and strived for solutions. “An MLS should be defined not only […]

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4 Reasons Why a National MLS Database Makes Sense

The debate over whether a national MLS would benefit the real estate community seems to be part of an ongoing conversation. But how would it help agents and brokers? Would it provide better governance, make data sharing easier, or open markets to new and innovative technology? Let’s consider a different premise: that the debate itself […]

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When Data Makes the Difference

How HouseCanary Is Giving Agents a Competitive Edge Editor’s Note: The following is the cover story in the December issue of RISMedia’s Real Estate magazine. It’s no secret: The value of the real estate agent is under attack. With a slew of disruptors determined to diminish their role in the real estate transaction, it’s become […]

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Why MLSs should charge more, play nice with brokers and merge already

A report released today by a new MLS think tank starts off bluntly: “Almost everyone interviewed for this study feels that the MLS industry has meandered aimlessly for over a decade.” …

Auction.com now airing listings’ dirty laundry and shining features

Real estate investors searching Auction.com listings can now easily dig up crime levels, environmental hazards, natural disaster risk and other dirt on properties. The foreclosure marketplace has equipped its listings with property reports from Home Di…

Data Gets Real: How HouseCanary’s Predictive Analytics Can Raise Your Game

Collaboration with Google Boosts Interest in Real Estate Services As in most industries, data has changed the way real estate professionals do business. From home valuations to local school, business and crime statistics, today’s brokers and agents are armed with a lot of information—consumers have come to expect nothing less. While the industry has come […]

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