Zillow breaks into lead referral business

The new pilot program, which launches in Florida under Premier Broker, will allow brokerages to generate leads with no upfront costs.

Why we spend an astronomical $125,000 on lead gen a month

Kendrick Realty spends $125,000 a month on lead generation for its 40 agents. That’s more than $3,000 a month, per agent. It’s an astounding number for members of the real estate community, but if you ask Luke Monroe, founder and chief executive officer of Kendrick Realty, it’s working.

Real estate agents are split on Zillow’s Arizona broker’s license

Despite Zillow’s insistence that its attempt to get a real estate broker’s license in Arizona won’t change how the company does business and that it has no plans to begin acting as a brokerage, some agents aren’t convinced. 

Zillow market cap plummets by $1.6B after mortgage acquisition, earnings

Wall Street is not reacting well to Zillow’s second quarter 2018 earnings report and the announcement of its acquisition of Mortgage Lenders of America, with stock plummeting more than 17 percent on Tuesday.

Zillow to acquire Mortgage Lenders of America, streamline buying through Zillow Offers

Zillow announced an agreement to acquire Kansas-based Mortgage Lenders of America in an attempt to streamline the homebuying process for Zillow Offers buyers.

Zillow Offers is coming to Denver this fall

Zillow is bringing its online homebuying and selling program to Denver sometime this fall, the company announced on Wednesday.

Zillow sales exec fired after telling Premier Agent customer to ‘take up yoga’

A Zillow advertising representative was abruptly fired Monday after sending an email suggesting that a dissatisfied Premier Agent customer “take up yoga, and breathe a bit.”

How is Zillow deciding which Premier Agents get Instant Offers leads?

Becky Garcia, an Arizona-based agent with The Garcia Group, and George Laughton, of the Laughton Team, became early adapters of Zillow’s Instant Offers program. Here’s how shrewd business sense and steely focus helped them reap the benefits.

Inside Zillow’s Instant Offers expansion

Zillow is launching its direct-to-consumer homebuying service in Las Vegas Wednesday after strong demand in Phoenix, its first market. And local agents are sharing in the success.

The latest news on Zillow’s move to buy and sell homes directly

Seattle-based real estate tech giant Zillow sent shockwaves throughout the industry last week by announcing it would be launching a major new business initiative: buying and re-selling homes directly from consumers…