Hurricane Michael barreling toward $13.4B in real estate

With Hurricane Michael swirling toward the Gulf Coast, property valued in excess of $13.4 billion is at risk of storm damage, according to a new analysis.

Delinquency rate hits new low

Mortgage delinquency and foreclosure rates hit a 12-year low in July, continuing a streak of month-over-month declines, according to a new analysis Tuesday.

Revaluate’s updated ‘likely-to-move’ score touts 36.4% accuracy

Revaluate’s improved predictive analytics can anticipate better than 1 in 3 times (36.4 percent) when a person will need to buy or sell a home within three to six months, according to a press release exclusive to Inman.

Knock now grades homes on scale from ‘Awesome’ to ‘Awful’

Home trade-in startup Knock wants to tell you whether to buy that house or wait. This week, it rolled out a new tool that rates listing prices from ‘Awesome’ to ‘Awful.’

Inventory finally on the rise

After years of inventory shortages and bidding wars, the number of homes on the market may finally be going up, Trulia found.

As rent soars, southern half of United States hit hardest

The cost of renting a single-family home grew by 3 percent to an average of $1,412 a month in July, according to CoreLogic.

Empowering agents with technology – Why the CBx Technology Suite works

CBx software breaks out of the noise because we ask two very critical questions every time.

‘We’re building the next Amazon’: Knock CEO Sean Black on Texas expansion and plans to go public

With Knock marking three years since its launch, CEO Sean Black revealed the company’s plans for the future — and why he doesn’t consider Knock an iBuyer.

Foreclosures and delinquency rates dip to 12-year low: CoreLogic

Home delinquency and foreclosure rates have hit a new 12-year low, according to the latest CoreLogic Loan Performance Insight report released Tuesday.

Affording a home mortgage hasn’t been this difficult since 2009

Across the U.S. today, homebuyers need to spend 17.5 percent of their monthly income on their mortgage payments, according to Zillow’s Q2 affordability study. Although still well below the historical average of 21.2 percent, the income-to-mortgage ratio has not been this high since 2009, in the wake of the financial crisis.