How to foster innovative, happy, independent agents

The brokerage of the future presents as hyperlocal with a focus on service and culture. Indie brokerages are excelling at aligning the success of the firm and its agents. Cutting the red tape and having the right local leadership can make all the diffe…

The Real Word: NAR’s new fair housing action plan

Watch Byron Lazine and Nicole White give a real estate agent’s perspective on industry-related topics. This week: NAR’s approval of a new fair housing action plan, unnecessary services agents can stop spending money on and a cannabis-themed open house.

The industry needs to demand more of fair housing education for agents

NAR needs to be the driver of better fair housing education, demanding local associations educate their members in a meaningful fashion.

AerialSphere ready to take property search to new heights

AerialSphere is a 3D aerial photography service that uses a patented process to capture entire metropolitan areas for advanced property search and marketing.

How to build the right team

Our team is our backbone and their expertise, skills and talents have enabled us to bring on more clients every year, adding to our roster of high net-worth individuals.  

Agent extinction is not inevitable — if you’re on top of your game

Just as fighter pilots make critical time-sensitive decisions and are entrusted to fly multimillion dollar machinery, agents in a commodified market have to adjust and deploy their knowledge, expertise and situational awareness to provide top-shelf ser…

7 reasons for-sale-by-owners fail

Homeowners are often tempted to sell their homes on their own, but do they really have the time and expertise to get top dollar for their property? Often the answer is no. Here are the top seven reasons these transactions so often fail.

Keeping It Real: Don’t let fear make your decisions

On this edition of “Keeping It Real,” a recurring podcast series on Inman, Peter Lorimer discusses why you have to be authentic and follow your gut. 

Why it’s time to truly recognize real estate agents

Real estate agents never quit the hustle, and they fuel the industry. It’s high time for some appreciation.

Smart-home tech for agents: The top products we saw at CES 2020

Brandon Doyle and Colton Pratt scoured the Consumer Electronics Show to uncover the best, most exciting products coming down the pike. Here are their top picks.