2019’s top diets made to fit your real estate schedule

With each new year, many real estate agents add health and weight goals to their list of resolutions — but by Valentine’s Day, those goals are usually abandoned. What’s a hungry agent to do? Here are four effective diets you can follow while keeping a busy real estate schedule.

10 steps for creating a smooth ‘sale’ for your sellers

Many sellers have not sold a home in a while, if ever, and the process is a bit different today than it was a decade ago. We use these 10 steps to put our sellers at ease in what could be a very stressful transaction.

The winter open house checklist every agent needs

Once you’ve got all the basic details and planning taken care of, take time to start prepping for your winter open house a day or so in advance by doing these 10 things.

10 things real estate agents can be thankful for this year

At my brokerage, we asked our agents to list 100 things they’re grateful for. Here are 10 of the universal themes from those agent- and staff-created lists, compiled together to remind us all what we can be thankful for this holiday season. 

5 tricks that’ll get your listings sold faster this fall

Here are five ways to sell your listing quicker by maximizing the best aspects of the season in your real estate staging and listing photos.

Ethics, injuries, disclosures and more: 8 ways not to get sued

Agents should train for these eight common missteps that can get them in trouble and even land them in court.

9 hacks to instantly improve your listing’s curb appeal

A buyer’s first response to a prospective new home is based solely on its curb appeal. Here are the top curb appeal issues that listing agents should take care of before buyers even have a chance to reject the home.

5 reasons it’s tough to be a parent in real estate (and how to make it work)

From never having free time to figuring out how to prioritize your kids while making your clients feel like they’re No. 1 — being a real estate agent with kids isn’t easy. Here’s how agents are balancing their work and family lives.

10 Facebook post ideas all real estate agents should have in their arsenal

To make your Facebook page the go-to site for all things related to the area where you do business, here are 10 topics to spark your content creativity.

12 steps for making those tough decisions easy

As real estate agents, we worry about the well-being of our families, anyone who works for us and our clients — on top of our business. Learn how make a tough decision and feel good about it here.