Zillow breaks into lead referral business

The new pilot program, which launches in Florida under Premier Broker, will allow brokerages to generate leads with no upfront costs.

News Corp. is acquiring a broker’s license in Texas

Opcity has a brokerage license in its home state of Texas, but the company does not represent homebuyers or sellers, and that will not change after the acquisition, according to Move and Opcity.

News Corp. is buying Opcity for $210M

News Corp subsidiary and realtor.com operator, Move Inc., announced Wednesday the acquisition of Opcity, a real estate lead generation technology platform that matches vetted buyers and sellers with real estate agents in real time, for $210 million.

Realtor.com redesigns website to show new home listings down to the hour

Why the changes? Realtor.com says it wants to better serve its increasingly mobile audience. Per its earnings report earlier this year, realtor.com grew 14 percent year-over-year to over 50 million users, half of which were mobile.

News Corp’s digital real estate services reports 27% growth, net loss $1.1B

News Corp’s digital real estate services, which include Move’s realtor.com and Australia-based REA Group, announced its third quarter fiscal year 2018 results Thursday, which boasted $2.10 billion in revenue — a 6 percent increase from the year prior.

Realtor.com ‘proved the naysayers wrong,’ News Corp. CEO says

At a recent conference in Florida, News Corp. boss Robert Thomson talked up how acquisition has helped the company’s bottom line and offered his market perspective …

Should real estate fear the stock market tumble?

Inman spoke to economists on Tuesday to sort out the facts from the falsehoods and what real estate professionals and homebuyers can expect from the housing market leading into what most believe will remain a choppy few days ahead …

Lawsuit accuses realtor.com of defrauding agents

In an emailed statement, realtor.com spokesperson Janice McDill told Inman: “The allegations are without merit, and we will defend the case vigorously…” …

News Corp profits ‘powered by’ digital real estate services

As revenue lowers in the company’s news and information services sector, its digital real estate services continue to bolster its earnings; digital real estate was responsible for nearly 40 percent of News Corp’s profits for fiscal …

News Corp. reports break-even quarter with $1.98B in revenue

News Corp., the global company that owns and operates realtor.com through its subsidiary, Move Inc., showed a 3-percentage-point loss in revenue over the past nine months for its news and information services — but it’s no doubt pleased with the perfo…