Real talk! Here’s the skinny on what the first 2 years in real estate are really like

If you’re brand new to the industry, here’s some intel on what the first couple of years are like — from an agent who’s living it — including all the frustrating and funny moments in between.  

Dollars and Sense: What costs should new real estate agents expect?

Too often new agents come away from the onboarding process excited about all the potential money they could make in their new careers, but they are unprepared for the investments they’ll have to make to function as a plugged-in businessperson.

Why it’s time to truly recognize real estate agents

Real estate agents never quit the hustle, and they fuel the industry. It’s high time for some appreciation.

Lesson Learned: Always be closing

Each week, we talk to agents across the country about what they’ve learned along the way (and what they wish they had known as new agents). As a top luxury agent for Douglas Elliman in New York City, Jamie Safier puts a lifetime of experience to work creating optimal outcomes for his high-powered clients by being ready to hustle 24/7.

Lesson Learned: Take the leap

Each week, we talk to agents across the country about what they’ve learned along the way (and what they wish they had known as new agents). This week, find out why Aaron Masliansky is a big believer in the power of forward momentum.

What new agents should do as the selling season slows

The selling year has its own ebb and flow, and when it slows, new agents should take time for themselves. Here’s what they need to hear.

How to crush your first interview with a brokerage

Finding the right brokerage to hang your license is critical to your future business. What should you be on the lookout for when interviewing at a brokerage? What do brokerages look for when interviewing salespeople? Here’s a rundown to help you prep for the interview process.

How to find your tribe as a newbie agent

What do we mean by “your tribe”? Your tribe is your new friend group, those agents around you who not only support you, but also mentor you and help you grow. Think season one of Grey’s Anatomy, and you’ll get the idea. Here are four ways to quickly find your tribe.

3 tips for winning real estate listings as a newbie agent

Want to know how you can win real estate listings when competing with agents who have years of experience over you? John Newman, team leader of The Newman Group, shares three specific strategies used by his millennial-only team time and again to win listings when competing with Maryland’s most experienced real estate professionals.

4 negotiation tricks for newbie agents

As a broker and team leader who works heavily in the resale market, I see offers from real estate agents of all experience levels on a regular basis. Encouraged by a strong market, new agents are entering the business in droves, full of wide-eyed enthu…