Home is where the heart is — and the office, mall and movie theater

Our homes have changed, becoming more complicated but also more significant in our lives. It’s time to reconsider the home and its importance in our lives.

Can smart home devices help sell a home? Part 1: Setup

Inman is putting the ease of creating a connected home to the test in this three-part series. How easy is it to set up, and can smart-home tech actually help sell a house? Part 1: installation.

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Inman has compiled a list of the best sales for agents, whether you’re just starting out in the industry or a seasoned pro with a taste for extravagance.

This 350-square-foot SoHo apartment feels anything but tiny

Tiny living doesn’t always come with tiny price tags. This $750,000 Manhattan environmental entrepreneur’s 350-square-foot studio apartment in SoHo proves that. Its decked-out, smart, tech-enabled design feels more luxury than little.

Nest unveils video doorbell, Yale smart lock, and temperature sensor

Falling in step with the growing market for smart home appliances, Nest has launched a new video doorbell, smart lock, and temperature sensor …

ICNY 18: Smart home tech is raising new questions during the home sale

What makes a home a smart home? Who gets to keep the smart lock after a house is sold? What if your agent still has the password to your thermostat …

Coldwell Banker unveils Smart Home Staging Kit

In May, Coldwell Banker launched its initiative to become the industry leader in everything smart homes. First, the company announced a partnership with CNET to create the definitive smart home definition. Then, only a week later, they launched the fir…

11 modern closing gift ideas for every type of buyer

An experienced agent knows the impact of referrals and the importance of following through after the sale with an appropriate closing gift. In fact, it’s too important to put on autopilot. The right closing gift will fulfill two purposes: to show your appreciation to clients and celebrate their success — and also to keep your name top-of-mind whenever the topic of real estate arises …

4 technologies changing real estate in 2016

A simple audit of your average real estate business will most likely reveal a slew of antiquated technologies that are still in use. If for nothing else, real estate professionals are creatures of habit; they are content relying on dated systems that h…

The new age of smart apartments

The early days of smart home technology are behind us. Where before it was merely a fanciful dream to have robotic vacuums, robo-chefs and devices you could control with a single remote — the reality is now upon us …