Mastering negotiations: persuade, don’t push

When it comes to mastering negotiations, you can learn a lot from an example of one of mine that went wrong. I represented an investor who was selling a rental property that had been extensively remodeled …

3 rules of game theory to help you win real estate negotiations

Real estate negotiations and transactions are battles. They pit the interests of buyers on one side and the interests of sellers on the other. As a real estate agent, you are tasked with emerging victorious for your side …

Paperless is great, but let’s face it: Brokers get more out of it than their clients

The terms “paperless” and the “paperless agent” get thrown around a lot in real estate. As buzzwords, they’re right up there with “mobile.” We get a little closer to actually being “paperless” each year, but there is still plenty of …

When a ‘prelisting’ appraisal or inspection is worth the trouble

Does having a home “pre-appraised” or “pre-inspected” make a difference? Is this money well spent by the average seller? Do buyers and buyer agents care, or are “prelisting” appraisals and inspections not considered credible? Should a seller-provided appraisal be accepted …

Connecting and responding to buyers [VIDEO]

Dawn Thomas is a real estate broker with more than 25 years of experience in sales and negotiations. She’s helped hundreds of families find or sell Silicon Valley properties — from estates in Atherton to the rolling hills of Palo …

Take collapsing ceilings, hidden drug money, and ferrets in stride

This time of year, my workweek never ends. When the weekend comes, I notice it because of the difference in the traffic patterns — and because my schedule is a little fuller. Various electronic gadgets help me get through it …

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