NAR installs Vince Malta as president, brings in new leadership

The National Association of Realtors installed Realtor Vince Malta as the organization’s 2020 president on Monday, Nov. 11.

NAR board overwhelmingly approves pocket listing policy

In a 729-70 vote, the trade group’s 800-member board on Monday morning voted to approve the Clear Cooperation Policy.

Do open houses still work?

On the 100th anniversary of the open house, a growing number of agents are debating their relevance. Others are simply walking away from the time-honored practice.

National Association of Realtors may require less ethics training

The trade organization is mulling a policy change that would require its 1.3 million members to complete code of ethics training every three years instead of every two years.

Staffers to NAR: Protect us from ‘chest-beating’ volunteer leaders

This is “something that has kind of been talked about in the shadows and in the closet for a long time,” one attendee of the Realtors Conference & Expo said Saturday.

Controversial NAR pocket listing policy moves forward

NAR’s Multiple Listing Issues and Policies Committee on Saturday voted to approve the Clear Cooperation Policy. The proposal now moves to NAR’s Executive Committee.

13 questions about NAR’s pocket listing policy answered

Before NAR members debate a controversial pocket listing policy Saturday, the trade group addressed some common questions gathered by MLS executives.

‘Basement-to-own’ millennials are cutting out rent altogether

Living with parents long enough to afford a down payment on a home is one way young Americans are getting by, according to the National Association of Realtors.

Change to proposed pocket listing policy announced at NAR Expo

“Clear Cooperation Policy” will now require that properties be submitted to the MLS within one business day, a change that puts the policy more in line with Bright MLS’s rule.

NAR: ‘What a wonderful house that you have all built’

National Association of Realtors leaders struck a celebratory tone at NAR 360, the trade group’s kick-off event for its annual Realtors Conference & Expo Thursday.