Which MLS is on top? T3 Sixty’s newest rankings

T3 Sixty has announced that rankings for the largest MLSs, state Realtor associations and local associations have been added to the Swanepoel Mega 1000 list for the first time.

Remine’s new MLS offering coming to Florida agents first

The largest multiple listing service in the Sunshine State is set to be the first to launch a new MLS offering from property data and analytics firm Remine.

Florida’s largest multiple listing service adds Puerto Rico

Joining My Florida Regional means PRAR’s members will have more products and services available to them than they have in the past, according to the MLS.

America’s first Spanish language multiple listing service is here

CoreLogic, the largest MLS system vendor nationwide, and My Florida Regional MLS, one of the largest MLSs in the country with 57,000 members, will soon debut the first Spanish version of Matrix, CoreLogic’s most popular MLS system, in the U.S.

Why the MLS isn’t dead, and why backers say that’s good for consumers

A recent piece in Forbes suggested the multiple listing service is on its way out thanks to startups such as REX, but backers tell Inman they’re not worried

Why the MLS isn’t dead, and why backers say that’s good for consumers

A recent piece in Forbes claims MLSs are not relevant to buyers because they have other places to go for listing information and are doing more of the work that agents used to do themselves and that new technology like big data and AI is doing the work…

Live: The ‘portal like’ consumer experience from Florida’s largest MLS

The consumer website that My Florida Regional MLS (MFRMLS) told us about in December has gone live. “By giving its user interface a facelift and adding a predictive analytics tool from tech company TLCengine, the multiple listing service hopes to not o…

Can Florida’s largest MLS deliver a ‘portal-like’ consumer experience?

Move over, Zillow. Scoot on down, Broker Public Portal. My Florida Regional MLS (MFRMLS) is revamping its consumer site with a feature no third-party portal yet delivers: a tool that helps buyers scope out homes based on true cost of living — beyond j…

MLS fails to disclose full intent of website tracking tool

Real estate startup ListTrac is rapidly gaining traction, but It is likely that vast majority of the agents and brokers belonging to its MLS customers are unaware of how ListTrac plans to generate revenue: by selling agent and consumer behavior data it…

2 huge MLSs buy popular CMA tool for their members

The tens of thousands of members of My Florida Regional MLS and Atlanta-based First Multiple Listing Service now receive the popular cloud-based comparative market analysis tool, Cloud CMA, for free …