Yield curve inversion fears are overblown

Yield curves predicting recessions did so historically and will again at the end of Fed overshoots. The Fed has done no such thing this time.

Could negative interest rate mortgages hit the United States?

Zillow Director of Economic Research Skyler Olsen said negative interest rate mortgages aren’t likely coming here, and if they did, it would signal trouble.

Mortgage startup snags $160M funding round

Better.com, a fintech startup that aims to digitize and streamline the entire mortgage process, announced Monday it’s raised $160 million for its Series C funding round. The startup has raised $254 million to date.

Federal Housing Administration reveals condo loan approval guidelines

The National Association of Realtors cheered the new policy, which is aimed at increasing the number of condos eligible for FHA mortgages.

Today’s mortgage rate was set yesterday by China

How do you explain to mostly sensible homeowners and their Realtors that today’s mortgage rate was set the night before by China’s daily fixing of the exchange rate of its yuan? The net effect this week has been small since the new tariff announcement …

Proptech company Cloudvirga shakes up executive lineup

California-based mortgage technology company Cloudvirga on Thursday announced 20-year industry veteran Dan Sogorka will be taking the reins as CEO.

EXp Realty will launch mortgage, title and warranty services in Q3

The virtual, cloud-based real estate brokerage nearly doubled its revenue but still posted a net loss in the second quarter.

Mortgage startup Morty launches platform for first-time homebuyers

The new tool will tell users if they can qualify for a mortgage as well as how much they would be able to borrow.

HUD proposes change that would make proving housing discrimination more difficult

The proposed changes to the “disparate impact” rule come at a time when the gap between black and white homeowners is growing, according to a Redfin study.

Fed cuts interest rates: What it means for the housing market

The U.S. Federal Reserve announced Wednesday it would cut interest rates for the first time since a recession hit the U.S. economy in 2008.