Can this app reduce escrow to 10 days for homebuyers?

LoanSnap is an app for iPhone and Android that can streamline mortgage applications and approvals.

360 Mortgage Group touts 8-day closing

Many bright-and-shiny mortgage startups tout lickety-split approvals, but actually closing on their loans can take weeks. But 360 Mortgage Group assures us that its new mortgage platform truly can deliver a lightning-fast and frictionless mortgage clos…

How to handle homebuyers who don’t qualify for a mortgage

While you may want to avoid a face-to-face meeting, it’s in everyone’s best interest to invest time in discussing the matter. Buyers will appreciate the fact that you put them first even though things didn’t work out, and your commendable bedside manner might inspire them to send friends and family your way …

How to have a say in the appraisal process

Low valuation could sideline your loan approvalread more