Real estate roundup: Big money, bad data, bot bites dog

Seattle broker Sam DeBord gives his take (and more) on the stories that are driving real estate headlines. This week: big money’s influence on real estate, data manipulation and OJO Labs’ acquisition of WolfNet Technology.

How has MLS of Choice affected real estate so far?

Although it may be too early to accurately measure the total effect MLS of Choice will have, many associations and MLSs have been proactive. Here’s how two in particular have adapted.

How MLSs can play fair with Upstream, Zillow’s Bridge

Here are seven guidelines that hit on the major items an MLS might consider for the protection of the MLS value proposition while adopting one or more alternative input and maintenance (AIM) products.

WATCH: The emerging data that will change your business

Trent Gardner of ListTrac, Dominik Pogorzelski of and Steven Marque of iTour Media offer a look at what is coming next in data and how it can be used to provide a more engaging customer experience.

WATCH: How is the MLS trying to be more broker-centric?

In this Inman Connect session, you’ll learn about some of the new and unique kinds of multiple listing service (MLS) governance models that are broker-centric, allowing for quicker decision making and nimble practices.

WATCH: The new definition of ‘open data’

Are we holding back data from our consumers? Do consumers understand what open data is? How is open data changing for consumers and for us? Panelists dive into these questions and more onstage at ICSF 18.

WATCH: Why the MLS is the ultimate marketing network

Listen in as Marilyn Wilson, founding partner of the Wav Group, explains why the multiple listing service (MLS) is the best marketing network a real estate agent can ask for onstage at Inman Connect San Francisco. 

WATCH: Dealing with the MLS — a developer’s perspective

Moderator Katie Ragusa and Seth Siegler, founder of Hoverboard Labs, discuss the multiple listing service (MLS) through the lens of a developer at Inman Connect San Francisco.

6 misconceptions real estate tech engineers wish MLSs understood

To clear up these misunderstandings and nudge future discussion in the right direction, here are six misconceptions tech engineers wish MLSs understood. 

How should real estate make its data more open?

With federal regulators breathing down the real estate industry’s neck, questions regarding who gets access to listing data have taken on new urgency.