How to create a culture that inspires agent retention

Across industries, employees seek out receptive, engaging and adaptive work environments. But what is the secret sauce for hiring and keeping talent? How can you create, develop and sustain the culture needed to entice and retain top performers?

Talkin’ ’bout my generation: How to market to your client’s stage in life

Marketing to everyone, from mid-20s, first-time homebuyers to elderly homeowners moving into retirement can be challenging because each group has varying values, needs and communication styles. Truly understanding each can make your marketing much more…

Are brokerages keeping up with homebuyers’ online habits?

According to the National Association of Realtors Real Estate in a Digital Age report, 46 percent of all real estate brokerages say “keeping up with technology” will be their biggest challenge in the near future.

Competition for starter homes will only heat up. Here’s why

Market trends and emerging businesses and tools are hampering the dream of buying a home for the 19 million millennials who want to and have the income to do so but are still renting.

Millennials are the worst clients, according to agent poll

A recent survey from Redfin also shows that agent attrition is going up and that many agents have to supplement their income with other work.

Credit score firm Equifax launches lead generation product

Lead Accelerator will use Equifax’s proprietary data to help agents prioritize the leads most likely to result in sales.

Rethinking hipsturbia: Where the millennials are in 2019

As a generation, millennials defy stereotypes when it comes to where they’ve chosen to settle down. They live both in cities and the suburbs — defying urbanists’ predictions.

How millennials are reshaping the luxury home market

Because millennials comprise a significant percentage of high-end homebuyers, real estate agents need to be aware of the selling points that appeal to them — and how to market to them effectively. Here are a few of the luxury home features millennial homebuyers desire.

Wells Fargo hires mortgage tech chief from JP Morgan

Steve Hagerman will serve as Wells Fargo’s head of consumer lending technology and will be responsible for the bank’s new and emerging technology platforms.

Why the only constant in real estate is change

Everyone is experimenting with new models, ideas and concepts as the needs and expectations of millennials change in a world upended by digital technologies, home automation and artificial intelligence.