Inman Handbook: Building teams in turbulent times

Teams have exploded in popularity in recent years. Now, agents say the pandemic-induced chaos in the economy has only made them more important.

Can a Donald Trump campaign sign scare away homebuyers?

With elections less than five months away, campaign signs are studding lawns. Some agents say the charged climate could have an impact on sales as political division grows.

Maryland market snapshot: A strong market, but low inventory

Agents in Maryland say the market has rebounded quickly from the initial shock of the pandemic, but inventory remains low.

Expensive U.S. cities see rents fall amid coronavirus pandemic

San Francisco in particular has experienced a historic drop in rent amid the pandemic, though rents are also down in New York, Boston and other cities.

Luxury snapshot: Agents in high-end markets are staying busy

The market hasn’t fully recovered yet, but agents in luxury markets told Inman that deals are still happening and activity appears to be on the rise.

Massachusetts is best prepared for digital economy as Southern states lag

The state ranked high largely because of investment in and support of the tech sector, as well as solid widespread internet connectivity.

Foreclosure activity continues to decline in March

Sixty-one percent of U.S. markets saw foreclosure activity drop below pre-recession levels last month, but the numbers come with “a huge caveat.”

DC-area brokerage partners with local restaurants to feed communities in need

Silver Spring Cares, a nonprofit started by the Go Brent brokerage outside of Washington, D.C., has raised nearly $60,000 to purchase meals from restaurants and provide them to community members in need.

Northeast markets most susceptible to impacts of coronavirus

Counties in the Northeast and Florida are at the greatest risk of taking the biggest hit to the housing market in the wake of the pandemic.

Elected officials want to halt evictions over coronavirus

Members of the New York State Senate and even Bernie Sanders have called for a temporary ban on evictions as the country deals with the deadly illness.