The Real Word: Top 2020 predictions

Watch Byron Lazine and Nicole White give a real estate agent’s perspective on industry-related topics. This week, Byron and Nicole page through both economists’ and Brad Inman’s predictions for the future of real estate and give their own outlook.

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This Connect flashback is an in-depth series of discussions that reveal how top-producing agents got to where they are today. Get actionable takeaways that you can implement now on everything including growing your book of business, converting leads an…

6 do’s and don’ts of holiday marketing

The holidays are the perfect avenue to reconnect with clients. Don’t squander the opportunity. Keep these simple guidelines in mind when reaching out.

Dear Marketing Mastermind: How can I use podcasts to generate leads?

In this monthly advice column, Marketing Mastermind Christy Murdock Edgar answers three burning questions from the real estate industry at large. If you’re strategizing how to grow and develop your content marketing strategy for next year and you’re thinking about podcasts, here’s how to make that format work for you.

How to upgrade your listing’s curb appeal during wintertime

Winter might be the slowest selling season nationwide, but homes still sell. To ensure that your listings are making buyers’ short lists, pump up the curb appeal using these tips.

What steering is and how to avoid it

In light of the explosive “Newsday” article, here is a look at what steering is, why it’s critical to fully understand it and how to avoid it both personally and for your brokerage.

How a polarizing listing video got this newbie millions in business

When I took on a high-priced, one-bedroom condo for my first listing, it was our “millennial” lifestyle video that helped us break records — love it or hate it. Here’s how we did it on a shoestring budget.

Want to reach buyers in your listings? Ask Alexa to open Realty Voice

Realty Voice is the latest in a line of software using voice-activated internet on Amazon Echo to help listing agents share information with buyers.

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Watch the visionary thinker and best-selling author Simon Sinek discuss fulfilling work and leadership that inspires.

Zillow debuts one-click home tour feature for new construction

The new feature is available to homebuilders who participate in Zillow’s Promoted Communities program.