Constellation Real Estate acquires SmartZip Analytics assets

The acquisition includes SmartZip Analytics’ SmartTargeting platform, patent-pending predictive analytics, data solutions and its automated referral-building content system.

Want to outrank your competition? 3 tips for getting quality reviews

Did you know that 86 percent of consumers consult online reviews (and the number jumps to 95 percent for the 18 to 34 crowd)? Here’s how you can make sure you’re getting quality reviews from clients with relative ease.

Is your hot seller’s market over? How to recognize a slowdown and pivot

Do you have a strategy to thrive in a market slowdown? Agents who survive down markets do so by having a balance between aggressively priced listings and motivated buyers. Here’s how to make sure you always strike that balance, regardless of market.

How to nurture ‘friends’ into lifetime clients

With consumers fueled by digital information, social media has perfectly positioned us to create relationships — beyond just a name in your database. And savvy agents can do it at an extremely high level in a relatively short time using only the tools at their fingertips.

Newbie agent goes viral with parody of Garth Brooks song

Chicago-based eXp agent Sean Cochran’s real estate parody of “Friends in Low Places” garnered more than 575,000 views in one month.

Peer Reputation: More than another rank-and-refer platform?

Peer Reputation helps agents connect, rank and refer one another to leverage relationships. But is its true potential in peer-to-peer referrals, or could recruiting be a better use?

Never underestimate the value of your knowledge about housing

Before learning about the local restaurants and parks, consider becoming an expert on the housing stock in the neighborhood. Commit important numbers to memory, and beat your competition.

WATCH: How indie brokers are using iBuyers to compete

More and more so-called iBuyers are popping up everywhere. Even some independent brokerages are getting in on the game. Find out how two brokers are incorporating iBuyers into their businesses straight from the Inman Connect Las Vegas stage.

WATCH: What’s the key to nailing your listing presentations?

Hint: These Inman Connect Las Vegas panelists said cyberstalking and cultivating an online footprint are pro moves agents should employ.

Dear Marketing Mastermind: How do I balance privacy and social media marketing?

In this monthly advice column, the Marketing Mastermind, regular Inman columnist Christy Murdock Edgar, answers three burning questions. This month’s topic: privacy matters. Where is the line between maintaining your privacy while also keeping an authentic social media presence?