Indie brokerages face a ‘very, very difficult time’

Nick Segal, president of Pacific Union International Southern California, discusses why his company sold to Compass, how the integration is going and his new self-help book “On Your Terms.”

The naysayers are wrong about 2018’s biggest real estate deal

Mark McLaughlin lusts for opportunity. The Compass deal, the biggest in real estate this year, is consistent with the Pacific Union CEO’s singular vision.

Pacific Union’s acquisition announcement met with shock, tears and a cocktail party

Even as cocktails were being poured, a source claimed there were tears in the Paragon Real Estate Group office from agents who felt blindsided by the news.

LISTEN: Pacific Union employees learn about Compass acquisition

Pacific Union International President Patrick Barber says Compass deal will ensure livelihoods, declaring, “We are the ones doing the disrupting.”

Turf war between Compass and Pacific Union shifts to commercial

Two of the Bay Area’s largest residential brokerages are about to expand their residential turf war into the commercial market.

Here’s how to donate to Pacific Union plane crash families

Pacific Union International set up easy-to-use links through the Pacific Union International Community Giving Fund to donate to victims’ families.

Pacific Union International launches new online portal

The online marketplace, called Private View, will showcase Pacific Union listings in California exclusively, said Nick Segal, the company’s president. Beginning this week, access to the site will be open to buyers and sellers in Southern California and…

A national MLS? C.A.R. livestream suggests strong appetite

Idea appears to be taking on new urgency as real estate leaders become increasingly impatient with the inefficiencies of 700-plus separate databases …

Pacific Union launches in LA with SoCal ‘dream team’

Today San Francisco-based luxury independent brokerage Pacific Union International formally introduced its brand into Southern California and announced that Nick Segal, co-founder of Los Angeles boutique Partners Trust, will be named president of Pacif…

2017 will go down as a big year for real estate M&A

We projected 2017 would be a “good, but not great year” for merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in the real estate space, and what unfolded was quite significant, including the biggest brokerage acquisition in decades, an ongoing fight for California market share and a busy stint for large regional independent firms …