Meet the New Guard: Choey, Peyton, Contos

The New Guard will be honored at Inman Disconnect March 30-April 1, 2020. Here now, three new inductees worthy of the distinction.

WATCH: How I built Climb Real Estate

Climb co-founder Mark Choey reflects on how the firm grew from two guys in a loft to a top brokerage before being shuttered earlier this year.

‘This is not an unhappy ending’: Mark Choey on life after Climb

Climb co-founder Mike Choey reflects on how the firm grew from two guys in a loft to a top national brokerage before being shuttered earlier this year.

From indie to Realogy acquisition, how Climb Real Estate almost didn’t happen

Climb Real Estate Co-Founder Mark Choey shares the behind-the-scenes story of how he and Chris Lim built the vibrant indie brokerage and ultimately made the decision to sell to Realogy plus what they learned and where they’re headed next.

Goodbye Climb, a unique brokerage lost to a cookie-cutter industry

Inman Columnist Troy Palmquist mourns the loss of Climb, an ambitious indie brokerage founded in San Francisco.

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At Luxury Connect, top luxury agents discussed how the latest crop of tech millionaires is transforming the luxury real estate market, and what it takes to work with them successfully.

Young new-money buyers find agents on blogs and Yelp

Younger buyers who have made fortunes in technology have brought a complete “180 on the infrastructure of what our business is made up,” Compass agent and “Listing Impossible” star Aaron Kirman argued during Luxury Connect.

WATCH: How Climb Real Estate grew into a national franchise

At ICLV, Mark Choey shares the story of how he grew Climb Real Estate from a team to an indie brokerage to a nationwide franchise.

WATCH: How to maximize simple productivity tools

Mark Choey, co-founder and CTO of Climb Real Estate, takes the stage at Inman Connect San Francisco to share his perspective on productivity and consumer- and user-focused tech in real estate.

Why you should take time to address your pain points through tech

Hands up: how many of you get distracted by pretty, shiny new tech tools that might suit your business needs, but you never have room in your schedule to roll up your sleeves and spend enough quality time to truly implement them into your business?