How real estate (and a beer) can help save our dying planet

No matter where you live, the health of our planet affects us all. Mother Nature is pissed (pardon my French), and she’s letting us know it. Science has proven that centuries of misuse of our planet has helped intensify hurricanes and other violent storms, wildfires and the melting of the polar ice caps, among other devastating things.

How to help your allergy-stricken clients in real estate

Researchers from the National Institute of Health report that over 90 percent of homes have at least three detectable allergens, and 73 percent of homes have at least one allergen at an elevated level.

Lesson learned: Setting boundaries for the win-win

When she’s not working with clients or writing about real estate, Maria Dampman is riding horses or managing the menagerie at Smiling Cat Farm, the animal rescue she owns and runs in Purcellville, Virginia. We reached out for her wisdom and insight as we continue our Lesson Learned series.

Parker Principle 11: Adopting a career of service

Jerry Maguire had it all. He had a booming business, gorgeous girlfriend, a trendy home and everyone wanting to either work with him, sleep with him or be him.
But Jerry wanted more.

Shake it off: 5 things real estate agents do to blow off steam

In 2015, Officer Jeff Davis, a 19-year veteran of the Dover Police department, went viral on YouTube when he did perhaps the funniest lip sync ever recorded. Performing to Taylor Swift’s hit single “Shake it Off” while behind the wheel of his patrol car, this man has the words and the moves down to a science …

Cheat sheet: A cultural guide to December holidays

Many of us have clients who belong to different religions and cultures, and it’s easy to accidentally offend someone when you know nothing about his or her background. So, as an early holiday present from me to you, I have created a basic multicultural…

A survival guide for moving with pets

My cat, Boomer, is one weird puss. We rescued him as an 8-week-old kitten, and no sooner than we brought him home, he took over the house. He walked right out of the cat carrier and promptly punched our 70-pound Plott hound in the nose …

The nose knows: how to deal with smelly listings

Odor control may be one of those uncomfortable conversations that needs to be had between an agent and seller before the home listing becomes active …

Selling a haunted house? Have no fear

Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, haunted homes are considered stigmatized properties in many states. According to LegalMatch, a stigmatized property is “a home or apartment where there has been a suicide, murder, cult activity, AIDS, famous adulteries or other misfortunes and crimes.” …

Stuck with a stale listing? How to flip the script

Ask anyone who enjoys gardening, and he or she will tell you there is nothing better than that elusive, perfect vine-ripened fruit or vegetable …