4 tips for shepherding your luxury investor clients into great deals

For luxury real estate, which comes with a hefty price tag, providing that expertise becomes all the more crucial. As agents, we need to be armed with the most up-to-date and relevant information concerning the housing market that is available.

Inman announces partnership with Sotheby’s International Realty, launches ‘Leading In Luxury’

Each week follow the most creative, innovative and exciting trends in luxury real estate.

What to expect at Luxury Connect 2018

Previews of our speakers, sessions, activities and editorial insight into the current state of the luxury market.

Luxury Connect: Laura Monroe on what’s hot in luxury video marketing

How do you create a marketing plan that will really set your listing apart from all the others? Laura Monroe believes that video is the answer.

How to Make Your Luxury Listing Stand Out

The process of selling a luxury home is simply different. There are fewer buyers, so naturally, agents need to not only create the “wow” factor, but also implement marketing strategies that capture the attention of other agents and potential buyers. Here are some suggestions when building a strategy to enthrall your potential audience. Keep Up-to-Date […]

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Luxury Connect: David Friedman on how to talk to wealthy clients

David Friedman is an expert on the ultra-affluent and how to talk to them. He’ll offer practical, actionable advice at Luxury Connect.

Luxury Connect: Marketing that maintains your client connection

If ultra-high-net-worth buyers and sellers don’t know who you are and how you’ll take care of them, then they aren’t going to use you as their agent.

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Luxury Connect: How to become a wealth advisor to high-net-worth clients

High-net-worth clients have spent years amassing their wealth, and they want to collaborate with professionals who understand investment strategies.

Luxury Connect: Paul Benson on how to create a luxury feeder market

Paul Benson has built his business in Park City, Utah, largely around feeder markets, finding the outside markets from which people purchase a second home.