How to market a luxury ski property

Marketing a luxury ski property requires more than stunning interior shots. Because buyers come to ski towns from across the globe, they’re not just looking for a gorgeous home — they’re looking for a vibrant, encompassing experience. By taking a savvy approach to your listing, you can attract buyers eager to live mere steps from the slopes.

What service means after the sale

It’s an eternal question in real estate: is it more important to attract new clients or hold on to the ones you have? While the correct answer might be “both!”, successful luxury agents know that service after the sale is key to client retention — and retention breeds referrals.

Luxury Presence gets $2.13M in funding

The Santa Monica-based luxury brokerage marketing platform closes on funding round of $2.13 million to expand marketing services to luxury real estate brokerages.

The latest trends in luxury — and how they impact real estate

The personal luxury market is in a constant state of flux. From art to watches to wine, the luxury market responds to increasing consumer demands for accessibility, personalization and secure service.

Millennial homebuyers are coming: they’re just five years behind

Millennials are a major driving force in today’s luxury real estate market. Though they’re starting later than their predecessors, they’re entering at a higher price point and bypassing the starter homes that were essential for their parents.

Design trends: how texture transforms a home

Can’t decide what’s missing from your latest listing? Chances are, it’s texture. Texture is an all-important — and sometimes overlooked — element in transforming a space from flat to multidimensional. Be it via countertops or flooring, creating the right atmosphere is all about choosing the right surfaces.

Designing the perfect minimalist home

There is a fantastic mystery attached to minimalism: it encourages reflection, thought, restraint and smart conversation. This is especially true when it comes to designing a minimalist home.

Trends in luxury real estate: how data will help you win more business

The luxury real estate market is rich — with opportunity. But the price that today’s luxury agent must pay to play in this segment isn’t just in dollars. It’s in data.

The challenge of marketing one-of-a-kind properties

Every property is unique, but some have features that really make them stand out. A unique property might be in a remote area, perhaps it has a rare amenity, or it comes with an ultra-high-end price point.

Want to level up? Become a wealth manager, not just an agent

When catering to wealthy clients, one way to ensure repeat business is to become a wealth manager rather than simply a real estate agent.