Real estate agents see electric scooter boom as mixed blessing

But Realtors in San Francisco and Los Angeles seem to be in two minds about whether they are in favor of the new wheeled sensations. If there’s any consensus, it’s that the scooters are a mixed blessing — and a fun idea that could help sell an area to buyers, especially millennials.

California agent launches first of its kind — an institute for divorce-related real estate matters

In January, Laurel Starks, a divorce-property specialist and Keller Williams’ team leader, launched the Divorce Real Estate Institute (DREI), a series of online videos and brick-and-mortar courses taught by an experienced faculty of family law attorneys, mediators, lending experts and family court judges.

WATCH: Black real estate investor was inspecting home when a white neighbor called the police

Video shows Memphis real estate investor Michael Hayes on May 5, waiting by a property he was hired to inspect after a white neighbor called to complain to police.

Seattle imposes $275 ‘head tax’ to combat homelessness

Real estate agents and brokers are not tossing their hats in the air this week with the news that the city of Seattle is adding a tax to large businesses of $275 per full-time worker per year to help combat homelessness, which is a big problem in the city.

Hawaii’s continued volcanic activity upends real estate market

As authorities reported a 19th volcanic fissure on Hawaii Island Monday, some homeowners are rethinking their future on the island.

What’s it like to win a housing lottery in the nation’s most expensive city?

Winning an affordable housing lottery takes a lot of luck and a lot of perseverance. Families try for years, applying to dozens of apartments in hopes that they’ll be called. So what’s it like when you actually win?

How 4 agents bring their personal passions to work each day

Find something that you love to do, and find a way to make money doing it — that’s the dream, right? Whether it be art, cars, outdoor living or adorable pups, these four real estate agents have found their passions and managed to work them into their businesses.

Wondering how to stage your listing? Get inspo from these 5 design styles

Staging a home doesn’t have to be limited to neutral paint, sparsely decorated countertops and shelves, and non-assuming furniture and decor. Instead, take some inspiration from the most popular design styles in your state to help pull in buyers with a…

An island home inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright in New York to be marketed as corporate retreat

A 6,000-square-foot property in upstate New York is inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s famed Fallingwater and even includes a 68-year-old guest cottage designed by the legendary architect. Still, after nearly 300 days on the market, the luxury property h…

California votes to make solar panels mandatory on all new homes by 2020

In its fight against greenhouse gas emissions, the California Energy Commission voted to make solar panels mandatory for all new homes by 2020.