Single women are out-buying single men when it comes to housing

When it comes to putting a roof over their heads, single women have definitely broken through the drywall ceiling, according to the latest research from LendingTree.

What has 26.1M people saying bah humbug? Porch pirates

If you’ve ever had a package snatched from your front door, you’re not alone. According to new data from, 8 percent of the population — 26.1 million people — have had parcels swiped by so-called “porch pirates” during the holidays alone.

15% of homeowners are doing this to pay for home renovations

One in 7 homeowners are tapping secured financing, and they’re spending triple the amount a typical cash-paying renovator would, according to a Houzz-Bank of America study.

What’s the most popular state for homebuyers to migrate to?

Of the more than 2 million mortgage applications made this year through mid-November and analyzed by LendingTree, 12.4 percent of the top state’s buyers were out-of-state folks looking to relocate, according to new research from LendingTree. Find out w…

This agent is using his military experience to help other veterans buy homes

After three posts in Baghdad, Austin real estate agent, Raoul Rowe is using his life experiences to educate other veterans and help them buy homes.

Fed, other regulators crack down on money laundering

Uncle Sam is getting serious about illicit money laundering, especially as it applies to real estate. Here’s what the Fed and four other regulatory agencies are doing to take action against financial crimes that affect our industry every day.

Fed probing into cash deals over $300K to prevent fraud

FinCEN now requires title insurance companies to identify the persons behind shell companies used in all-cash purchases of residential real estate. The purchase amount threshold, which previously varied by city, is now set at $300,000 for each covered …

Agent’s reputation, social media matter most to clients: study

The latest J.D. Power Home Buyer/Seller Satisfaction Study found that the single most important reason for selecting a real estate company is its reputation.

Battle of the sexes: Who wants to own a home more?

Here’s a peek at the latest research in gender and ownership value, renting and capitalism, consumer perceptions and millennial trends.

Two-thirds of millennial homeowners suffer from buyer’s remorse

A recent survey revealed that many millennial homeowners regret their decision to purchase after the dust has cleared and they have settled into their new digs. Luckily, agents can help.