Outlook for US mortgage rates remains stable, housing crunch continues

Mortgage rates will remain stable for the next two and a half years, predicts an economist from the Mortgage Bankers Association. But the national housing shortfall continues to be a problem primarily because of the lack of building sites, according to…

Same-sex couples face discriminatory lending practices: Study

Same-sex couples were 73 percent more likely to be rejected for mortgages than heterosexual couples, according to an Iowa State University Ivy College of Business analysis. The study looked at home loans granted over a quarter of a century between 1990…

HomeBinder digitizes traditional home maintenance records

The HomeBinder Home Management software system is a digital three-ring binder that organizes all your important records, room by room. But it’s far more systematic and comprehensive than traditional record keeping systems. It’s available for use to agents and allied professionals as a client gift that keeps on giving every day the buyer owns the house.

Would you like to work at a brokerage where you own a piece of the pie?

Counselor Realty isn’t a true cooperative, but it operates a lot like one. Almost 100 of the company’s agents are shareholder-partners, and they love it. Here, Andy Barns and Nick Dreher, the company’s CEO and director of growth, respectively, share more about this unusual brokerage model.

74% of renters would forgo medical care to make rent

An online survey conducted by Wakefield Research — said to be the first to examine the link between high rents and the ability to pay medical bills — found that more than half of all renters delay seeking medical care because they can’t afford it after paying such high rental costs.

Not another smart-home trend: 13 innovative features buyers will want

The International Builders Show, sponsored by the National Association of Home Builders and the National Kitchen and Bath Association, hosted more than 1,500 product makers and some 67,000 home builders, remodelers and allied professionals. Here are so…

State agencies are playing with money meant to stem foreclosures

In a blistering 85-page report, the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program says more than $400,000 in “critical taxpayer dollars” were spent by some state housing agencies to fly around the country to attend non-germane conferences and hole up in luxury hotels and resorts.

Housing market will remain ‘positive, if not spectacular’ until 2020

Economists who spoke at the National Association of Home Builders’ (NAHB) annual convention and expo last week had a very important message for the real estate world: Mortgage rates will remain manageable — for now.

How are millennials combating affordability issues?

In a new survey from Clever Real Estate, millennial respondents said they’re planning to buy a house within the next 12 months — and many of them are considering homes that’ll save them money in unconventional ways.

Mortgage originations down among self-employed

Mortgage originations among self-employed households have fallen more than for salaried households. This decline has occurred even though self-employed persons earn more on average than salaried workers. Here we discuss several factors that influence t…