Seniors are on the ‘precipice’ of a huge sell-off wave. Here’s why that’s bad

Real estate professionals have been waiting patiently for baby boomers to put their houses up for sale and stop the inventory crisis. But if this happens, it could actually throw the market into a tailspin, according to new research from Fannie Mae.

Only 21% of people understand what low credit will do to their loans

A recent analysis by Zillow found that homebuyers with lower credit scores pay thousands of dollars more for the same property compared to buyers with high credit scores.

How to reach limited-English speakers to expand your client list

People with a limited proficiency in English — LPEs to the academics — total nearly 21 million. Of these, some 5.3 million are heads of households. That’s about 4.5 percent of all households in the United States. The question for the housing community is how to reach them and turn them into homeowners.

The government needs to do more to make housing attainable: report

According to the 30th anniversary of the State of the Nation’s Housing by the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University, even though more than 40 million units have been built over the past three decades, high mortgage rates — which are predicted to climb to more than 5 percent by year’s end — are still causing severe housing woes.

11 trendy housewares from the International Builders Show

Building product manufacturers displayed some two dozen football fields worth of wares at the International Builders Show earlier this month in Orlando. Here, culled from the thousands of sinks, faucets, cabinets, toilets and numerous other product cat…

Home listings will continue to be rare gems in 2018

According to economists, mortgage rates are expected to rise this year, further aggravating low inventory …

Many retirees are still burdened by a mortgage, study finds

Gold watches aren’t the only thing some retirees are taking with them into retirement: they’re also carrying a mortgage …

How did the real estate franchisors stack up in 2017?

Looking back on the year as we head into 2018, Inman dug into NAR’s 2017 Residential Franchise report to see how the big brands compare, and which ones appear to be leading the pack …

Why agents shouldn’t shun the new-home sector

Doug Dunlap has done a lot of things over his 30-year real estate career in the Puget Sound area in Washington State. He’s been a real estate broker and home builder. He’s co-founded and was managing broker of three real estate firms, and he co-founded two successful home building companies. And now he’s an author …

Why aren’t borrowers happier with their mortgage providers?

After years of steady improvements, mortgage services appear to be backsliding, according to the latest study from J.D. Power. They haven’t stooped to the low bar set by United Airlines, which is now infamous for dragging a customer off one of its flights. But some mortgage customers says they are getting better service from their cellphone companies, which isn’t exactly setting the bar very high …