Create new inventory overnight. Here’s how.

Ask most Realtors about their market and they’ll tell you inventory is extremely limited. Even with a market correction on the horizon, there just aren’t enough homes on the market. The same is true here in my market in Colorado. But at YourWayHome, we’ve created a successful strategy to help our agents add to inventory.

Zillow copyright fight could be headed to US Supreme Court

VHT Studios asked the Supreme Court to take up the case Thursday. The request marks the latest move in a suit that began when VHT said Zillow was illegally using tens of thousands of its photos.

The Complete Seller Lead promises the money is in the follow up

The tool was built by REzidual, a company founded by ex-Zillow ad execs, and it helps agents stay on top of new leads via automated follow up and CRM Follow Up Boss.

Remine’s $30M is being put to good use

Recently infused with cash, Remine has upgraded its interface, introduced new agent tools and is seeing quick adoption of its mobile version.

Going all in with Zillow leads? 3 tips for winning big

What’s your lead-conversion rate? Not sure? Winston Murray converts an average of 1 in 17 leads into clients (roughly 5.9 percent). Here are Murray’s top tips for converting Zillow leads.

Going through a dry spell? Here are 7 tips for making it rain

Most know that being a real estate agent isn’t as seen on TV. There’s an infinite potential for reward, but parallel potential for risk. And just about everyone hits a slump at some point. So how do you get back on track once you’ve hit a drought? Start with these seven tips.

Zillow Offers rolls out in Orlando

Zillow Offers, the direct-to-consumer homebuying and selling offering from real estate tech giant Zillow, is officially live in Orlando, Florida.

Can your brokerage be tech-savvy or customer-centric? The answer is both.

Real estate continues to see new models try to disrupt the industry’s more traditional framework. From “technology-first” brokerages to the iBuyer movement, movers and shakers dominate the news feeds. To prevail, you must win the consumer and technology races.

3 simple body language tips from a top door-to-door salesman

Getting hit with constant rejection isn’t easy, especially face to face. But for those willing to power through, door-knocking can really pay off. Chandler David Smith made nearly $100,000 his first summer of door-to-door selling and another $140,000 t…

The evolution of real estate leads: Fallout at

With Move Inc.’s purchase of Austin-based lead gen company Opcity, has made some changes. What can we learn from’s recent strategy, and what should we prepare for later in the game?