Lead-gen game changer: How to use the blue ocean strategy to dominate your local market

What’s the best way to look for new lead-generation strategies? Discovering what others are doing that’s working well. In this recurring column, agents and brokers share what they’re doing to change up their lead-gen strategies. Find out how a book that was gifted to St. Louis broker Dennis Norman changed his firm’s lead-generation philosophy.

Affordable, agent-developed Zephyr Leads is one to watch

A Seattle agent, tired of mainstream options, spent two years developing a software solution to help agents generate leads, manage contacts and market listings. And it has the potential to be a worthy competitor in its category.

Finding new business from old leads, a second look at RE/MAX’s First

First, recently acquired by RE/MAX, is an app for discovering new business from old leads and existing contacts.

Big Purple Dot is on target, but misses the bull’s-eye

Part relationship manager, part business management solution, its features, including lead auditing, a mobile CRM and robust tagging, stand out in an otherwise typical solution for larger brokers and teams.

7 things everyone should do before paying for leads online

Whether you’re deciding to join a portal’s “premiere” service or are looking at lead gen platforms that promise more new clients than you can shake a stick at, it’s important for you to find out how good those leads will be and what it will take to convert them.

Map-based data service TopHap helps agents master their market

TopHap is a powerful real estate market intelligence tool that uses maps to help agents visualize market activity and become local experts.

Marketing and CRM solution Agent 3000 is big on features

Agent 3000, developed by one-time South Florida broker Shawn Sommer, is all about execution over fluff, now accessible to 250,000 agents.

The top 3 lead generation sources for agents

Outside of your sphere, how are you getting and converting new leads? Here are a number of ways that agents and brokers are finding those all-important new connections.

Brivity emphasizes follow-up and automation, starting with its websites

Ben Kinney Companies’ Brivity is team-focused real estate software that uses web-based lead capture to nurture leads into clients and manage their status with an included CRM.