Keller Williams announces 3 new international markets

Keller Williams expanded its franchise operations to Ireland and will soon launch in Chile and Italy, the company announced at its annual Keller Williams Family Reunion in New Orleans.

Back In Black: Gary Keller declares victory in tech platform race

The race to build the first end-to-end real estate platform is over, and agents with other companies are competing for second place, Keller Williams CEO Gary Keller told agents Monday.

Exclusive: Take a look at Keller Williams’ would-be Zillow-killer

Keller Williams previewed its forthcoming consumer-facing app experience at Keller Williams Family Reunion in New Orleans on Sunday. It will launch in late Q2 with the intention of making consumers smarter and its agents the Netflix of real estate.

Keller Williams debuts Command, its new AI-powered CRM

To produce Command, Keller Williams worked with 27,000 people — many of them agents — and had engineers go through other CRMs to see what worked well. The goal was to create something that was customizable and that could be configured to the needs of agents.

KW team jumps to eXp, predicts a ‘wave’ will follow

David DeVoe is taking his 32 agents and 10 staffers from Keller Williams to eXp Realty, and he believes “a wave” of other teams are likely to follow to suit.

KW associates react to ‘ghost agent’ purge

In the wake of an exclusive report by Inman on Tuesday, agents have begun to speak out about Keller Williams’ long-time practice of keeping so-called “ghost agents” on the rosters, with some speculating the number of inactive agents could be far higher than official estimates.

Keller Williams orders purge of thousands of ‘ghost agents’

Keller Williams has been growth-obsessed over the past decade, but according to multiple sources, the 190,000-plus agent ranks are filled with former agents and sometimes even deceased agents in one instance. Multiple sources told Inman that it’s been an unspoken company policy at Keller Williams to keep agents on the roster, long after they are no longer associated with the company.

Innovate or die: 11 ways agents should shake up their businesses

Given how many tech-focused real estate companies are launching and debuting new features and business models, agents on the ground don’t need to worry about innovating themselves, right? Wrong.

Opendoor’s ‘nightmare’: KW agents backed by their own iBuyer

In a presentation at Inman Connect, real estate consultant Mike DelPrete said Opendoor’s “nightmare scenario” is 160,000 Keller Williams agents “in people’s living rooms and kitchens waving around an iBuyer brochure and saying, ‘We do that, too.'”

What you need to know about platforms — and why they matter

Keller Williams Director of Innovation Adi Pavlovic spoke Thursday at Inman Connect, explaining what a platform is and why it matters for real estate pros.