Two of Vermont’s top real estate teams are merging

Two Coldwell Banker teams are merging to form what will be the second most productive real estate team in Vermont, totaling more than $119 million volume in 2018.

EXp Realty taps Keller Williams Realty vet to lead US growth

EXp Realty, the rapidly expanding, cloud-based brokerage, has snagged a veteran of Keller Williams Realty to spearhead the company’s U.S. growth strategy.

Keller Williams, Compass and eXp among ‘best places to work’

Three flaming stars in real estate brokerage — Compass, Keller Williams Realty and eXp Realty — rank among the best places to work in 2019, according to job reviews site Glassdoor.

Housing affordability top concern for real estate agents: Inman poll

A lack of affordable housing topped a list of rising concerns for real estate professionals, according to a new Inman poll posted Tuesday on Facebook.

New Vacasa service connects agents with vacation-homebuyers and sellers

Vacasa, a vacation rental startup that has grown to become a serious Airbnb competitor, just announced it’s launching a network that connects real estate agents with buyers and sellers of vacation homes.

Broker seeks to advance STEM education for girls in Rwanda

As a little girl, Sarita Dua was a bit of a math and science geek, always finishing her assignments first in class and at times hiding how easy she found it, so as to avoid teasing …

No office, 100% commission: How an 18-state virtual brokerage makes money

Fathom Realty founder and CEO, Joshua Harley, doesn’t like to use the term “100-percent commission brokerage” to describe his fast-growing firm because these companies have reputations as simply “license warehouses,” he says …

Keller Williams’ first agents on what things were like in the early days

Gary Gentry, the first agent hired by the then-called Keller William Realtors, likes to tell the story about the time Gary Keller and Joe Williams invited him to a Chili’s Grill & Bar to talk to him about joining their as yet unnamed firm in late …

Q&A: Dale Archdekin talks team lead generation

Have you ever heard the expression teamwork makes the dream work? This is especially true when teams or individual agents in a brokerage have to work together to generate, incubate and convert leads into a working pipeline …

The 6 texts you should send every online lead

Six is the “magic number” when it comes to converting online leads, according to Wendy Forsythe, head of global operations at Carrington Real Estate Services. If you call or text (or both) leads using six scripts within 24 hours of receiving an inquiry…