WATCH: Understanding user experience

The user experience requirements are vastly different if your end user is a real estate agent versus a consumer. Get tips and tricks to help you better design for your intended audience.

WATCH: R u messaging ur clients? How texting has evolved

See how texting has evolved with advances in geotagging and smart-sign technology, and learn how to get the most out of your messages to clients.

WATCH: 10 tech trends agents can’t ignore in 2019

From Alexa Flash Briefings to utilizing Siri properly, at Inman Connect New York, HomeSmart Real Estate’s Wendy Forsythe and TRIBUS’ Katie Ragusa explore must-have strategies from agents, brokers, product managers and tech pros that you’ll need to run your business in 2019. 

10 tips to help your biz in 2019

There are plenty of ways technology can augment your business as a real estate agent. Wendy Forsythe, the chief operating officer of HomeSmart Real Estate, and Katie Ragusa, the vice president of product for TRIBUS, highlighted 10 tech trends for agents at Inman Connect in New York on Tuesday.

Agents vs. consumers: why real estate apps need to pick an audience

Whether you’re building a real estate app or the latest tool using artificial intelligence, the user experience (UX) should be at the top of your thoughts.

Finally, Zillow will automatically update agent sales data

TRIBUS is the first brokerage platform vendor to send agent-sold data to Zillow automatically — immediately after a property sale closes.

WATCH: How to enable innovation and expansion with data you have now

In this Inman Connect session, Jeremy Crawford, Shaun York and Katie Ragusa look at how data standards are helping companies deliver innovative solutions and affordable expansion into new markets.

WATCH: Dealing with the MLS — a developer’s perspective

Moderator Katie Ragusa and Seth Siegler, founder of Hoverboard Labs, discuss the multiple listing service (MLS) through the lens of a developer at Inman Connect San Francisco.

WATCH: 10 consumer-centric trends you need to know about

Katie Ragusa, vice president of product at Tribus, and Melody Foster, vice president of marketing and web development at Zephyr Real Estate, take the stage at Inman Connect San Francisco to go over 10 product- and customer-centric trends at Hacker Connect.

Hacker Connect NY 18: Tech trends to watch this year

Watch Katie Ragusa, VP of product at Tribus, and Adi Pavlovic, director of KW Labs at Keller Williams, kick off Hacker Connect at Inman Connect New York by sharing the most important technology trends to watch out for in 2018, including blockchain, ad targeting and artificial intelligence …