Why don’t we think about clients’ specific needs?

Other than that narrow exception that agents make for first-time homebuyers, agents don’t think of clients as having specialized needs that require customized solutions. Instead, agents provide a cookie-cutter approach to standardized service with the same scripts, the same materials, the same programs. That needs to change. Here’s how.

Make it about them: How to win trust and more clients

When meeting with new clients, take a page from other service industries, and focus on their needs first before you launch into a pitch. That way, you can tailor it to clients’ specific needs and win their trust along the way.

How a spirit of generosity will win you new business

Follow the advice of your grandma, and never arrive at a party empty-handed. Contribute to any given situation by giving prospective clients useful information, advice and comfort. They’ll thank you with new business.

Why you should treat everyone like a client from the moment you meet

Successful real estate agents foster a relationship dynamic in which clients and potential clients start thinking of them like their other service providers, such as their accountants, their dentists and their hair stylists.

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Copyright and intellectual property, deceptive images, audio-visual recording, cannabis, smart-home tech and teams — these are all legal pitfalls real estate agents need to be aware of to avoid fines, legal trouble and even prison. Tune into the entire discussion for the 411 on possible legal issues.

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10 trends agents need to know in a shifting market

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