Is a deal worth going to prison?

The real estate world was shocked to learn of former Keller Williams and RE/MAX real estate agent Holly Pasut’s experience of going to prison for mortgage fraud. Here’s a story from an agent who might have gotten into similar trouble had it not been fo…

Agents see growing demand as mortgage rates plummet

Like an avalanche growing larger as it tumbles down a mountain, agents are seeing swelling demand from buyers as mortgage interest rates plummet.

Why you shouldn’t call every expired on the MLS

Is it time to regulate how Realtors use MLS data? The problem is that too many agents simply solicit property owners and have no knowledge of the property or neighborhood. They just see another potential lead. There’s much more to it.

5 organic marketing ideas that’ll make you the local expert

Drip emails, Facebook, SEO gimmicks — there are better ways to become an expert in your area. Here are a few ideas that have worked for me.

How MLS of Choice is affecting your real estate team

When MLS of Choice took effect last July, it meant real estate agents were free to opt out of their brokerage’s MLS. But the same freedom isn’t allotted for members of every agent team. Find out how teams are affected and what solutions are available t…

As sales cool, Realtors predict a flat 2019

Realtors, real estate observers and Inman readers are all reading the tea leaves and predicting a 2019 dominated by a flattening market and little growth.

Is your email rubbing clients the wrong way?

A funky email address like might be OK for personal use, but do you really want customers to see that? Probably not, but many real estate agents use their personal email addresses when communicating with consumers, and it’s lik…

4 things you should know before becoming a part-time real estate agent

Real estate is a tough gig, and it’s even harder when you’re just dipping your toe in the water as a part-timer. Here are four things to consider before jumping into real estate part time.

How has MLS of Choice affected real estate so far?

Although it may be too early to accurately measure the total effect MLS of Choice will have, many associations and MLSs have been proactive. Here’s how two in particular have adapted.

Realtors and agents respond to NAR’s surrealist ads

Real estate agents can be an opinionated bunch, so it should come as no surprise that many had strong reactions to NAR’s new millennial-focused online ad campaign.