How data gave me the edge with my luxury listings

As a luxury real estate agent that’s been in the industry for more than 25 years, I’ve grown my business to achieve more than $4 billion in career sales and built a large circle of clientele. So much of this success is the result of years spent developing and keeping strong relationships with my clients. The challenge at any price point, but particularly with more affluent clientele, is to remain a source of industry knowledge.

Lion & Orb and Luxury Presence launch marketing partnership

Real estate public relations startup Lion & Orb is teaming up with real estate marketing firm Luxury Presence to give clients an even stronger digital footprint.

Is Luxury Presence the website advantage you need to win more high-end listings?

The luxe property website firm provides top agents with gleaming, head-turning websites designed specifically to give the confidentiality required to pitch $25 million listings.

Luxury Presence gets $2.13M in funding

The Santa Monica-based luxury brokerage marketing platform closes on funding round of $2.13 million to expand marketing services to luxury real estate brokerages.

Real estate’s top producers share their secrets to success

The sheer work ethic of Michael Jordan, the mindset of a Jedi, the adaptability of a chameleon and the dogged humility of a servant — put it all together with a commitment to real estate, and you just might get a top-producing agent.

Jade Mills scores with new real estate sports division

For professional athletes — some of whom purchase seven-figure homes before they can legally purchase alcohol — it’s especially important to understand the ins and outs of homebuying. Navigating a home purchase requires expertise, so Jade Mills and K…

Chris Cortazzo and Jade Mills on the word ‘luxury’

Chris Cortazzo, a top Malibu agent, and Jade Mills, one of Beverly Hills’ finest saleswomen, talk about using the term “luxury” and the wildest open house they’ve attended …

What is success?

Jade Mills, Ernie Carswell and Chris Cortazzo give their definition of when you’ve “made it” in this panel discussion filmed at this year’s Luxury Connect event …

Inman Luxury Connect in a nutshell

Last week, I had the privilege of attending Inman’s Luxury Connect in Beverly Hills, and it certainly lived up to the name. The speakers, parties and estates were all so luxurious that it made my $2.1 million sale that week look like child’s play …

Jade Mills, Beverly Hills agent to the stars, will speak at Luxury Connect

Her story reads like a movie script: The daughter of a dairy farmer goes off to college, meets a musician, leaves school, moves to Los Angeles so her musician husband can become famous, and soon finds herself alone with a young daughter. What’s a single mom to do? Get her real estate license and conquer the industry, of course …