9 negotiation roadblocks that can stall your deal

Invariably, in high-stress and high-emotion situations like buying and selling real estate, there are often points where things can become stalled, and everyone needs a time out. Here are nine situations in which negotiations can easily get put on pause.

Who should attend home inspections?

Property inspections are like the final stitch in a bespoke suit. If done properly, it keeps the sum of its parts intact. If done poorly, it begins to unravel, and the whole thing falls apart. And the tailor is always there for the final fitting.

10 steps for creating a smooth ‘sale’ for your sellers

Many sellers have not sold a home in a while, if ever, and the process is a bit different today than it was a decade ago. We use these 10 steps to put our sellers at ease in what could be a very stressful transaction.

There’s way too much red ink on home inspection reports

Although inspection reports have taken many notable strides forward, it seems they are also tiptoeing backward since the proliferation of “red ink” has taken over the process. It seems like the disclaimers never end, and it’s a bit of an overkill.

The buyer’s agent home inspection cheat sheet

The cost of property inspections can present a major outlay for buyers already facing daunting down payments, closing costs and loan fees. Here’s your cheat sheet for explaining which inspections are essential and which are not.

10 tips for making a first-time home purchase go smoothly

Able real estate agents know the first step with first-time (and really all) buyers is to get them pre-qualified — preferably with a lender who is accustomed to working with this group of buyers and who has the patience to explain (early and often) all the costs related to a property purchase.

Rapper Young Thug claims real estate developer sold him defective home

In April 2017, Heritage Select Homes (HSH) sued Atlanta-based rapper Young Thug, whose real name is Jeffery Lamar Williams, for failing to pay the $2.2 million owed on his $2,475,000 mansion located in the city’s luxurious Buckhead neighborhood …

Your home probably has at least 3 allergens, study finds

The National Institutes of Health today released the results of a report that revealed 90 percent of U.S. homes have three or more detectable allergens from pets, pests and rodents …

7 repair requests buyers should never make

Most buyers and sellers understand that buying and selling a home requires negotiation. You give a little here, and they concede a bit there. But what do you do when you have a buyer who demands unnecessary repairs after a home inspection …

Should buyer’s agents attend property inspections?

Buyer’s agency creates expectations from and for both parties. Agents need clients to represent (that is how we get paid), and most buyers need guidance to complete a real estate purchase …