How one founder and CEO uses Inman Select to help identify industry gaps and needs

Keverne Denehan, the founder and CEO at KardZee, has been an Inman Select subscriber for almost a year. She’s used Inman Select to help shape her product for agents and brokers and says it helps her keep tabs on technology, “which is important in this fast-changing world. You have to know what is going on and be a part of it or you will be left behind — just like a taxi driver.”

Inman Select’s trend reports and special reports are key to strategic planning

Dan Bunch, CEO at Vesta Real Estate Advisors, has been subscribing to and reading Inman Select for two years. He says he distributes the trend reports and special reports for study by the leadership team: “They are excellent preparation for our quarterly strategic planning meetings. Real estate is changing too quickly to ignore this information.”

Inman Select shows my team what we’re not doing — and what we should be doing

Jennifer Kennedy is a broker-owner in Alberta, Canada, who specializes in lifestyle marketing for the area. She’s been a Inman Select subscriber for at least two years and thinks Inman content is so high-quality that her brokerage makes the Inman Connect New York conference experience part of its top agent award.

How Inman Select helps one managing broker refresh his best practices in recruiting

Mark Ossinger is the managing broker for Fathom Realty in Washington state and has been in real estate for decades. He’s also been an Inman Select subscriber for years, and he says it’s helped him navigate changes in the industry while he fine-tunes his business.

Why this luxury specialist turns to Inman Select for help relating to buyers

When I’m working with sophisticated buyers and people from out-of-state, Inman Select articles help me relate to their life and part of the country.

How one pro uses Inman Select to generate leads from expired listings

Michael Soon Lee has been a real estate broker, speaker and author for more than 40 years, and he says he has “never found a resource as valuable as Select.” He’s been subscribing to Inman Select for three years and uses it to help guide his business and his clients.

If you want daily advice on how to improve your business, Inman Select is a ‘no-brainer must-have’

Tanya Delahoz sells luxury real estate in Breckenridge, Colorado — a competitive market where she needs every edge she can get. Delahoz says Inman Select is a no-brainer for agents like her and has been a subscriber for a year and a half.

When it’s time to redevelop your structure and business model, Inman Select provides guidance

Karl Freund is a real estate broker in the Phoenix metro area who’s been a Select subscriber for more than a year and who uses the information and news he reads on Inman to boost his business. He’s in the top 1 percent of real estate agents nationwide and reads Inman regularly, especially for the Select articles available only to subscribers.

One real estate broker and coach knows where to find the best industry information — he reads Inman Select

Loren Coburn is a real estate broker and coach in Norman, Oklahoma. He’s worked as an agent, broker and coach in his career, thriving in all three roles. Coburn has been an Inman Select subscriber for three years and recommends Inman Select to the teams he coaches.

Keeping up in a hot market can be difficult, but this associate broker is doing it with Inman Select

Sherri Johnson is the CEO and founder of Sherri Johnson Coaching & Consulting, LLC. She’s worked in residential real estate for 21 years, and she was “directly responsible for leading more than $1.6 billion in annual sales” in addition to recruiting, training and coaching thousands of real estate agents. “Creating and building strong brand culture and turn-around change management are some of my strongest skills,” she explains.