Employee or independent contractors: Should California brokerages be making contingency plans?

Employees or independent contractors? As California employment law changes in response to the emergence of the gig economy, real estate brokers and agents need to stay updated and start thinking about what role they want to play in a legal landscape th…

‘It’s like buying a first-class ticket’: Opendoor’s acquisition of Open Listings met with mixed reaction

News that Opendoor, the San Francisco-based iBuyer, acquired discount brokerage Open Listings was met with concern and cautious optimism as some agents called the move a “wake-up call.”

Why real estate must face independent contractor complaints head-on

Michael Lissack has filed a complaint against Owners.com, alleging that it misclassifies agents as independent contractors rather than employees who should have been paid minimum wage. Here’s what it could mean for the industry.

What happens if real estate is forced to pay minimum wage?

Independent contractor (IC) status in real estate has been under attack for over two decades. What steps would you have to take if minimum wage requirements came to your state or if your state no longer allowed real estate agents to act as ICs?

How a California minimum wage court decision could impact real estate

On April 30, 2018, my article on the California Supreme Court Dynamex minimum wage decision and its potential impact on real estate set off a firestorm of responses. Here’s what I’ve learned.

National Association of Realtors advises agents and brokers on legal marijuana

When it comes to marijuana, there’s a crosshatch of laws that real estate brokers and their agents must navigate. The drug is illegal under federal law, but 30 states and Washington, D.C., allow medical use of marijuana …

Why I left a career in journalism for real estate

A career in real estate grants a certain level of freedom, the flip side of which is a burden of risk placed on independent contractor agents, which sometimes manifests as desperation to make a sale. As owner of the Sokoler-Medley team in the Louisvill…

Could losing independent contractor status force brokers to raise the bar?

As if real estate brokers didn’t have enough to handle and worry about. Now Uber is in a lawsuit regarding whether their drivers are independent contractors. It’s not a stretch to think that this topic might be visiting our industry as well …

Labor Department clarifies distinction between employees and contractors

What truly constitutes an independent contractor? That question has been a recent hot topic, with Uber and other sharing services at the center of the fray. Although this debate isn’t specifically targeting real estate agents, it’s important to stay on…

What if all agents had to be employees rather than independent contractors?

Within the next few weeks, the Massachusetts State Supreme Court will hand down its decision in Monell v. Boston Pads — a case that asserts that agents must be treated as employees rather than independent contractors. Although virtually everyone in th…