Detroit mortgages, affordable; San Francisco, not so much

A new survey from predicts that Detroit will be the most affordable and San Francisco the least affordable markets this year. The online real estate services provider released the results of its first-ever Mortgage Affordability Report toda…

Why affordability could be a red flag for housing recovery

In a lot of ways, real estate today should be a buyer’s paradise: Property values remain at or below their historic affordability levels in most markets, lenders have $2 trillion in excess cash available to lend, and foreclosures have fallen to levels …

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Infographics and stats to start off your week — reader opinions about agent ratings systems, interactive maps explaining housing bubbles and income gains and losses, and more …

We’re on the edge of a terrific economic expansion, there’s just one thing holding us back

Long-term rates stabilized this week as events, puzzles, forces and conflicts scattered all over the world canceled each other. We focus on the yields of long-term debt (like bonds and mortgage-backed securities) because they are the result of real-tim…

Secrets to converting phone leads into real estate clients

Former President and CEO Allan Dalton once observed that the real estate industry is great at generating leads — it’s converting those leads that is the issue. With inventories being tight and loans harder to obtain than ever, you’re probably wondering how to maximize your income over the next few months …

Uberfication keeping a lid on wages that’s a drag on economic growth

Markets have paused, warily studying new plumes of smoke on the horizon. Not enough hazard to run to Treasurys or to scramble for oil, but not business as usual. Bergdahl, Brat, Baghdad and Barak … but the important happening was …

Time to take the measure of the recovery

Commentary: Many global indicators are at inflection pointsread more

Time to take the measure of the recovery

Trading everywhere has ceased for Passover, Good Friday, and Easter, but next week brings a flood of brand-new information for March, capped on Friday by employment data. Thus a good time to reflect.

I do not recall a moment in which so many economic elements at the same time have been at points of inflection. In the old days (five years ago) nothing much mattered except U.S. data. In global markets the world is more important than the U.S.

Demystifying the ‘Obamacare’ real estate tax

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3 economic variables to consider before relocating

Study finds moderate-income families face surprisingly higher cost burdens in key metrosread more