Opendoor CEO shares his vision for real estate agents

Opendoor CEO Eric Wu said he thinks the role of agents will change significantly — while musing that “it’s good to be hated” by some agents.

Opendoor needs agents more than agents need Opendoor

Opendoor’s latest proptech partnership demonstrates another nail in the coffin of traditional agency. With every iBuyer offer that gets invited into a listing presentation via CloudCMA, the industry collectively sacrifices a little bit more of its soul.

Zillow to shift ‘from Google mindset to an Amazon mindset’

With iBuying, Zillow must move to a low-margin model that targets “mindbogglingly larger” market than advertising, CEO Rich Barton proclaims in new interview.

Is ‘iRenting’ becoming a thing? Startup secures $3.3M to find out

Doorstead recently bagged $3.3 million in funding. It joins a growing number of startups that are applying the iBuyer business model — which involves using technology to quickly buy and resell homes — to the rental industry.

Will SoftBank’s iBuyer investment flounder as agents adapt?

Valuations, such as that ascribed to Opendoor by SoftBank, are based on the assumption that iBuying operations advance the technology and antiquated nature of the real estate sales process. What if the same flawed thinking that saw WeWork valued at mul…

‘They’re screwed’: iBuyers would suffer under Bernie Sanders’ housing plan 

The senator’s proposed anti-home-flipping and vacant-home taxes could strain the likes of Opendoor, Offerpad and Zillow Offers. NAR, meanwhile, disapproves of its rental regulations.

Kribbz offers homesellers an alternative — a 1-day bidding war

Kribbz is a real estate marketplace where investors can offer cash and fast close to homesellers looking for an alternative to traditional brokerages.

Afraid to have the selling options talk with sellers? Try Homebot

Homebot recently unveiled a new feature in its home-equity management app that’s been bothering me. But it might just help you broach a topic you’re afraid to talk to clients about.

KW advises charging 0% to clients who sell to Offerpad

Keller Williams Realty is advising its agents to charge nothing to clients who sell to the iBuyer Offerpad and instead to only accept payment from Offerpad in the form of a 1 percent commission.

Can iBuyers survive a market shift?

It’s easy to say iBuyers will fail when the market shifts, but there are many facets that we just aren’t looking at closely enough. What should agents be focused on? Find out here.