Why the biggest challenge to local real estate isn’t iBuyers

Regular Inman contributor Teresa Boardman talks about how Zillow Offers just launched in the Twin Cities and what buyers and sellers truly need in her market (and probably yours, too).

Is Purplebricks really in turmoil? A closer look

The stock price is significantly down from the highs of last year, the U.S. and U.K. CEOs are out, and revenue guidance has been repeatedly downgraded. Find out what other challenges Purplebricks faces in the U.S. here.

How to keep your seller from straying to an iBuyer

How can agents position themselves as relevant with the onslaught of iBuyers becoming prevalent in markets across the U.S.? Here are four tips for showcasing your worth.

TopOffer.com eliminates seller-paid commissions by charging buyers

In a new model launched at SXSW, TopOffer.com charges buyers 3 percent commission: 2.5 percent for the company and 0.5 percent to the buyer’s agent.

Will individual agents be the real winners in the iBuyer game?

IBuyers might not be as formidable as the press makes them out to be. In fact, it seems that the real success stories in the iBuyer arena come from agents conducting old-fashioned print marketing campaigns. Here’s a look at why the first agents who rea…

‘We Buy Ugly Houses’ CEO isn’t worried about iBuyers

In an exclusive interview with Inman, HomeVestors CEO David Hicks described iBuyers as a very different animal than traditional home flippers.

See the ‘Ugliest House of the Year’ and its glorious renovation

The “Ugliest House of the Year” award went to a property purchased as a run-down 1,700-square-foot Tudor-style home in Queens, New York, last fall.

WATCH: Will iBuying become mainstream?

What’s the latest on the iBuyer landscape? How will it impact real estate agents’ bottom line? Listen in as strategic and real estate tech adviser, Mike DelPrete lays out the current iBuying scene at Inman Connect New York. 

WATCH: How iBuyer programs are changing your business

With everyone from tech startups to traditional brokerages diving into the fast-cash offer game known as iBuying, it can be tough to keep up with what strategies are working for whom. Get a quick read on the iBuyer landscape and how it’s impacting agen…

HomeLight’s new app will let agents present iBuyer offers

HomeLight is launching a new tool called Simple Sale, available first as a website and later as a mobile app for agents, that acts as a kind of clearing house for various iBuyers.