OfferPad raises $150 million in equity and debt

OfferPad raised $50 million in equity financing led by the private equity firm LL Funds, a returning OfferPad investor, and $100 million of debt financing through an extension of OfferPad’s existing credit facilities. OfferPad raised this funding durin…

Ribbon will turn any home bid into an all-cash offer

A new startup wants to make sure homebuyers never lose out to all-cash offers again. Ribbon, launched in Charlotte, North Carolina, last month, promises to turn any homebuyer into a guaranteed all-cash buyer.

How agents are reacting to the iBuyer wars

Zillow may as well have declared war on iBuyers when it announced it would start buying and selling homes on its own. The intense competition between Zillow, Opendoor and OfferPad has agents paying close attention.

OfferPad cuts ties with Zillow over Instant Offers expansion

OfferPad says it was not given any advance warning from Zillow ahead of Zillow’s move to expand Instant Offers by becoming an investor/homebuyer and seller in its own right.

Opendoor founders subtweet Zillow’s new home buying service

When Zillow announced it was entering real estate transactions as an iBuyer, Opendoor put on a good face. On Twitter, it’s a different story.

Opendoor raising $200 million at $2 billion valuation: report

The startup Opendoor, which lets prospective home sellers offload their properties quickly and entirely online for a guaranteed price derived by an algorithm, is in the process of raising $200 million at a $2 billion valuation, according to a report in…

Opendoor survey: More homeowners would move if process were easier

Homeowners in certain cities across the country would move to a bigger house or a different city if they thought the process of moving would be “stress-free and simple,” according to a survey commissioned by Opendoor …

Knock expands to Charlotte and already has a ticker for IPO in 2020

Knock is making good on its expansion promises and getting ready for an IPO in 2020. The iBuyer expanded to its second city and reserved its NYSE ticker …

The plan for Opendoor? Vertical integration and more

Opendoor’s future involves vertical integration, international expansion and maybe an IPO, CEO Eric Wu said in an interview earlier this month. Wu shared some insights into his fast-growing company in a Facebook Live interview with Inman moderated by RealScout CEO Andrew Flachner …

ICNY 18: The iBuyers are coming for real estate

Heavily-funded, tech-driven investors that make quick offers on homes and close in days are among the latest startups raising eyebrows in the real estate industry. And they’re betting that the promise of fast and easy transactions will help them overtake traditional real estate brands — soon …