Coldwell Banker launches disaster relief fund

From Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria to the wildfires that are devastating Northern California, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that the past three months have been rife with disasters. In response to the long recoveries ahead, Coldwell Banker has…

Battling insurance: The dark side of disaster recovery

In the aftermath of four major natural disasters in the last month — Houston, Puerto Rico, South Florida and now Napa and Sonoma — plans to rebuild have already begun. And insurance companies are wringing their hands, plotting their next moves …

Answering the Call

Editor’s Note: This was originally published on RISMedia’s blog, Housecall. See what else is cookin’ now at Buying in a Seller’s Market: Who’s the Winner? Crowdfunding Your Way Into a Home Great Spaces: Living Luxe in Beautiful Bradenton HomeSmart CEO Pilots Irma Rescue Mission Most of us have a hobby—baking or painting, a creative […]

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The recovery timelines for Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

For those hard-working agents in Texas and Florida who are still cleaning up and waiting for their markets to return to normal, some hurricane recovery timeline estimates have emerged …

Home Searches Plummet in Houston, Miami® views on properties in Houston and Miami plunged following Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, tanking -4 percent and -25 percent year-over-year, respectively, in September, according to’s latest data preview. Last September, Houston property views were up 21 percent, while Miami views were up 14 percent. “In Miami and Houston, hurricane recovery is evident,” says […]

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Brace for Impact: A Look at Real Estate After Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

While the latest hurricane in a string of immensely powerful storms—Maria—has left Puerto Rico in a state of chaos and desolation, Hurricanes Harvey and Irma continue to haunt Florida and Texas where residents are struggling to adapt after weeks of cleanup to remove debris from the streets. Roads are heavily damaged from flooding and homes are […]

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Share the Message of REALTOR® Safety

NAR PULSE—Share the message of safety with your members this month. The Little Red Book: Safety Rules to Live By for REALTORS® is the perfect tool for your new or seasoned agents to use as they create and update safety protocols for their businesses. Click here to receive 15 percent off the print version until […]

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Existing-Home Sales Flounder in August

Existing-home sales floundered in August, posting higher than one year prior but lower than in July, the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) reports. Existing-home sales totaled 5.35 million, a 1.7 percent decrease from July but a 0.2 percent increase from one year prior. Inventory decreased 2.1 percent to 1.88 million, 6.5 percent below one year […]

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Agent, you could have done better: My Harvey story

I didn’t sleep a wink on the night of August 27. My racing heart, knotted stomach and restless nerves kept me company as I stared at the weather radar for hours on end; Hurricane Harvey was pummelling my city, and there was nothing anyone could do but wait … and wait … and wait some more. In the hours, days and weeks that followed, I learned firsthand that the real estate agent plays a very important role in the recovery process that happens after a disaster — but whether that role is a help or a hindrance is completely dependent upon the agent’s attitude …

Miami real estate catches breath after Irma’s storm surge

Broker-associate Elliot Machado watched his normally bustling Miami urban neighborhood of Brickell transform into a violent underwater ghost town this weekend — from a distance. Amid grisly Irma forecasts and an evacuation order, Machado went north –…