Inman Person of the Year 2018: Kenya Burrell-VanWormer

Under Burrell-VanWormer’s leadership, the Houston Association of Realtors opposed and questioned proposals by NAR to raise dues. So what’s next?

Are these ‘sexy’ listing photos too much?

Texas real estate agent Kristin Gyldenege hired two models to pose for scantily clad photos inside one of the houses she was selling. She defends her choice amid community reaction.

NAR takes 2.5% dues increase ‘off the table’

NAR Treasurer Tom Riley touted a “positive budget” starting in 2019, largely due to membership growth and a $30 dues increase approved by the NAR board of directors in May.

Updated app reads listing information as your car stops in front of a home

The Houston Association of Realtors has officially launched voice commands in its free mobile listing app. Dubbed “Car Mode,” the new feature aims to allow agents and consumers to “instantly access property sale and rental listing information o…

Why the MLS isn’t dead, and why backers say that’s good for consumers

A recent piece in Forbes suggested the multiple listing service is on its way out thanks to startups such as REX, but backers tell Inman they’re not worried

Why the MLS isn’t dead, and why backers say that’s good for consumers

A recent piece in Forbes claims MLSs are not relevant to buyers because they have other places to go for listing information and are doing more of the work that agents used to do themselves and that new technology like big data and AI is doing the work…

National Association of Realtors Midyear kicks off in D.C.

The National Association of Realtors Legislative Meetings and Trade Expo kicked off this week, and members will finally have the chance to vote on the controversial dues hike NAR proposed earlier this month.

Read NAR’s response to HAR’s stance on raising dues

National Association of Realtors Treasurer Tom Riley responds to Kenya Burrell-VanWormer’s piece, “Reallocate funds or raise dues — that is the question.”

Reallocate funds or raise dues — that is the question

Let me start by saying that the National Association of Realtors is not the bad guy. Neither is the Houston Association of Realtors, or anyone else who opposes the proposed dues increase.

Houston Association of Realtors overwhelmingly opposes $30 annual NAR dues increase

The Houston affiliate voted overwhelmingly last Monday to oppose the increase after an internal survey found that 97 percent of the local affiliate’s 34,000 members opposed the additional fees…