How’s the Real Estate Market? Find Out What the Experts Are Saying

As we head into summer, it is a great time to review how the 2017 real estate market is doing so far. Here is what the experts are saying: Doug Duncan, Fannie Mae Chief Economist “Positive demographic factors should continue to reshape the housing market, as rising employment and incomes appear to be positively influencing… Read More

Helena Talbot’s blog – The Best Ways To Get A Short Sale Approved

How many times have you heard someone claiming to be a short sale “specialist” and then tell you the best way to negotiate a short sale was to use a loss mitigation specialist? Then they will tell you that they use specialized spreadsheets, secret language and inside information etc, etc all to help get you… Read More

Helena Talbot’s blog – The In’s And Out’s Of Locking In An Interest Rate

Congratulations on your decision to buy a new home! Buying a new home can be a very exciting time; however, there are many things to consider and many things to get done. One of the most important things – if not the most important thing – when buying a new home is your choice of… Read More

Helena Talbot’s blog – Interest Rates – One Size DOES NOT Fit All

“What are the current interest rates?” This is a very common question from real estate agents and buyers. Answering the question of what’s today’s interest rate is as difficult to answer as “What’s the price of a four bedroom home in the Atlanta area?” The answer to both of these questions is, “It depends!”  There… Read More

Helena Talbot’s blog – Rate/Payment Relationship

A ½% increase in interest rate may not sound like much but it is roughly equivalent to a 5% increase in price. It becomes obvious when you compare the payments. If you financed 100% of the cost of a $250,000 home at 4.5% interest for 30 years, the payment would be $1,266.71 per month. If… Read More

Helena Talbot’s blog – Tips For Preparing A Successful Open House

If you’re trying to sell your home, having an open house is a great way to access a large number of potential buyers at one time. In addition, an open house could generate multiple offers with the buyers each trying to outbid each other. However, if you want to have a successful open house, there… Read More

Helena Talbot’s blog – Pesky Plumbing Issues And How To Stop Them

If you own a home, you know that plumbing leaks can occur at any time. Sometimes they develop slowly over time and sometimes they are a sudden occurrence. The cost involved in repairing a major plumbing leak can get expensive. Not to mention if you develop mold and the clean up involved with that. But… Read More

Helena Talbot’s blog – Credit Disputes Can Delay Your Mortgage Application Even if they are Legitimate!

All lenders are requiring any disputed account on a borrower’s credit report to be resolved or the dispute removed before the loan can be approved. The reason for this is that unscrupulous “credit repair” or “credit fixer” companies have told consumers how to use (abuse) the Fair Credit Reporting Act to falsely inflate the consumer’s credit… Read More

Helena Talbot’s blog – Rent or Buy – the cost is going up

Whether you continue to rent or decide to buy a home, according to recent Zillow 2014 housing projections, the cost is going up. Zillow projects home prices to increase nationally by 3%, mortgages to rise to %5 interest rate by the end of the year and rents to go up by 2.5% on average. If… Read More

Helena Talbot’s blog – What Will You See In Homes Of The Future

Times are continually changing and that goes for the way homes are designed and the amenities that come with them as well. Have you ever wondered what the homes of the future will look like? We thought it might be fun to give you a glimpse of what the homes of the future might include…. Read More