Homeownership may further decline among seniors in 2018

Changes to the tax code under the Trump administration could prompt senior homeowners to unload property en masse — a move that could fuel construction for senior housing nationwide, according to a new report from Marcus & Millichap.

With Fast-Growing Prices, Gains in Equity Are Exceeding Minimum Wage

For many Americans, homeownership is a vehicle for wealth—an appreciating asset that, more often than not, earns a profit at resale. In the market today, homeowners are all but promised to reap the rewards. According to an analysis recently released by Zillow, appreciation is so healthy that homes in many markets are producing more than […]

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Homeownership remains as racially divided as it was in 1968: report

Civil rights legislation has not made up for the exclusion of African Americans from federal programs enacted during the Great Depression and after World War II to boost homeownership …

Survey Finds Hidden Costs of Homeownership

(TNS)—Your day burns brightly on both ends. You prod your kids out of bed at daybreak, get them dressed, fed and off to school. You drive to work, endure meetings, colleagues, power lunches, memos and strategy sessions, only to return home through gridlocked traffic just as the sun sets, beg your kids to eat dinner, […]

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How real estate can make the American Dream possible for everyone

“This idea that anyone here can work hard, buy a home, build wealth through that home, and with that wealth creation, create opportunity for generations to come. This is why every single one of us do what we do…” …

Tenants across America are being exploited by corporate landlords, report finds

Three activist groups claim institutional investors have turned the American dream into a ‘nightmare’ in new report released today …

The truth about millennial homebuyers

The millennial penchant for artisanal cuisine, coupled with their apparent reluctance to invest, has been the source of much debate in recent months. Who knew craft beer and cold brew coffee could spark so much controversy …

Americans ‘Concerned’ About Homeownership in Light of Tax Bill

Americans are concerned about homeownership in response to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, according to new realtor.com® research. The legislation, awaiting President Trump’s signature (at press time), passed on Wednesday this week. More than one-third (36.2 percent) of respondents to a realtor.com survey, conducted Dec. 18-19 prior to the passage, were “concerned” about being […]

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Congress passes tax reform, mixed blessing for real estate

The final legislation shines brightly on brokers and developers, through changes to so-called pass-through entities, like S-corporations and LLCs …

NYT explores how homeownership tax breaks distort economy, favor the rich

“The Republican plan, in short, is tinkering with subsidies so entrenched in the social fabric that they have become entitlements in all but name,” the Times wrote …