Branding, buyers and bad photos: 3 more reasons open houses excel at selling real estate

In my last post I made the statement that agents who do not believe in open houses may just be lazy. I hope I did not offend too may readers out there. Moving on with my list of the top five reasons to do an open house this weekend, I will pick up at N…

Going to a listing appointment is like being an actor: Be comfortable, confident and rehearsed

After talking with several real estate brokers over the years, I’ve noticed that most of them don’t have an actual listing presentation. Of course, they go in with their CMA that all of us have, but that’s it! I have tried to figure out why on earth yo…

2 big reasons to market your real estate listings using open houses

Do public open houses have a place in real estate these days when buyers can get so much information from photo galleries, floor plans and online mapping tools? Do public open houses benefit the seller or are they just a tool for the agent to get more …

A career in sales means putting customer relationships first, ego last

The allure of being your own boss, setting your own hours, deciding which clients to take and having an endless income stream is incredibly intoxicating. In fact, those are probably just a few reasons why many people dive into the …

New rules for jumbo loans, qualified residential mortgages could make homebuying more costly in 2014

On Jan. 1, 2014, a new provision in the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act goes into effect. The “qualified residential mortgage,” or QRM, may have far-reaching effects that will lessen the number of people who ultimately can …

5 ways to exceed your ultrawealthy sellers’ expectations

You’re about to go on a listing appointment for a multimillion-dollar property. What expectations will the sellers have and how will you meet them? Most luxury clients expect much more from their agent than just posting pretty pictures of their …

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