Put yourself on the (Google) map!

What do these things have in common: your car, your next open house, your latest closing, the listing your buyers just fell in love with? Heck, probably the grocery store, too. If you’re a real estate agent, you’re likely spending more time in these places than your actual office.

Online reviews significantly boost agents’ web visibility: study

A new study released Tuesday indicates that agents with even one review on their Google My Business pages will see more web traffic.

Precision directions and mapping company Mapfit announces new CEO

Jeroen Seghers will lead the 2-year-old precision directions and mapping startup on its quest to provide consumers with the “last 10 feet” of directions, down to specific doorways and floors.

Move over Google, Mapfit wants to be real estate’s go-to mapping app

Mapfit is a new mapping technology that uses perpetually updating vector mapping for door-to-door navigation and entrance identification.

Price hike to Google Maps API could hit some brokerages hard

A price hike to Google Maps’ API has real estate professionals worried. The changes to Google Maps’ pricing structure could leave large brokerages paying 1,400 percent more.

Matterport now captures 3-D tours in half the time

Matterport has announced that a recent firmware upgrade has reduced the amount of time it takes to capture footage when creating an immersive 3-D listing tour …

Google Maps powers new MLS system search tool

MLS systems aren’t known for being pretty. Real estate agents often complain that they should be as well-designed and easy-to-use as the websites and mobile apps offered to consumers by third-party listing search portals such as Zillow and realtor.com …

BuyerPrice brokerage seeks top negotiators to serve app’s buyer leads

Ask anyone how much something is worth and they’ll tell you “as much as a buyer will pay.” Yet much of the real estate market is driven by sellers’ price expectations. BuyerPrice approaches the philosophy of a real estate sale differently and promise buyers: “you’ll pay less for a home if you buy it through us than with a regular broker.” …

7 trends that will make or break traditional real estate

For 2016, real estate industry players are encouraged to explore the emerging millennial buyers, the power of digital marketing and the popularity of shared working spaces …

Realtor.com vs. Zillow: A nasty fight for home turf

Things aren’t so sweet on the home front for realtor.com as Zillow has in a sense evicted the official website of the National Association of Realtors out of the online real estate penthouse. Also, nasty litigation has ensued between Move, Inc. (the operator of realtor.com) and Zillow …