Buyer’s side commission confusion? Survey shows alarming results

Nearly half of homesellers don’t realize they pay the buyer’s agent commission fee, according to a survey from flat-fee real estate referral service Clever Real Estate.

Miami real estate startup wants to make buying and selling homes free

Miami real estate technology startup Richr has announced the launch of its first product — a home listing platform that allows sellers in South Florida to put their homes in the Miami multiple listing service for free through a one-year, no-fee listing agreement with one of Richr’s participating brokerages.

How to talk a seller off the FSBO ledge

Selling a home without professional representation is an arduous undertaking. Here are 11 common difficulties FSBOs tend to face — and tips for how real estate agents can convert these individuals into clients.

Is the agent-less answer for commission-phobic home sellers? charges homeowners $250 to market and manage the sale of their home.

Is the agent-free answer for commission-phobic sellers?

Formally launched this month after a three-month soft release, the company charges owners $250 for use of the platform, which includes a website and productivity dashboard for the home.

5 tips that’ll help you win over any FSBO

When it comes to for-sale-by-owner prospecting, there are two types of agents: the ones who will win the owners’ trust and list the home and the hundreds of others who will give up and move on. What do the winning agents do differently, and how can you pull it off? Here are some top strategies for converting FSBOs.

7 reasons most FSBOs crash and burn

For-sale-by-owners have good intentions, but their knowledge is weak. They simply don’t know what they don’t know. Here are seven reasons FSBOs tend to be unsuccessful — and eventually hire a real estate agent. 

Trying to win over FSBOs? Here’s what works (and what doesn’t)

Here are the best (and worst) ways to respond to the three most common FSBO objections. Find out what works and what hurts when it comes time to close.

Prospecting FSBOs? Don’t do these 4 things

For-sale-by-owners can be a lucrative pillar of lead generation, but they can also be a tightrope walk between gaining a listing and angering a homeseller.

ShowPal is trying to improve for-sale-by-owner model with tech

Iowa-based ShowPal is trying to make for-sale-by-owner deals more successful and more appealing to a broader segment of homeowners.