Referrals, not leads, are the heart of Buffini & Company’s CRM

Referral Maker is a CRM for members of national coaching company Buffini & Company. The smart, relationship-driven solution centers on referrals instead of the race to add more features or earn unqualified online leads.

RE/MAX acquires tech startup First

First is a machine learning-based platform that helps agents know when to reach out to consumers in their existing network.

Top companies bet on Inman Connect Las Vegas

While Inman Connect attendees are booking their flights, getting hair cuts, ordering business cards, and reviewing the agenda, franchises, service and solution providers for the industry are also preparing. Because Inman Las Vegas isn’t just bigger, better, bolder in terms of content. That goes for our sponsors, too.

Success stories from Startup Alley: FIRST

For real estate agents and brokers, most of their new listings will come from their sphere of influence. Which means staying in touch with people they already know is paramount to driving business. But while the average homeowner moves every 7 or so ye…

WATCH: What did we learn at Indie Broker Summit?

Round up the major takeaways from Inman Connect New York’s Indie Broker Summit, and discuss how you can take action on them with First’s Mike Schneider, Nest Realty’s Jonathan Kauffmann and Adwerx’s Jed Carlson. 

Inman announces the first round of sponsors for ICNY19

Tallahassee, Fla. (Nov. 29, 2018) – Inman Group® announced the first 23 companies that will be sponsoring Inman Connect New York, Jan. 28-Feb. 1, 2019.

Hacker Connect NY 18: Live problem solving III

One of the many beneficial sessions at Inman Connect New York is “Live problem solving” at Hacker Connect, where the pros discuss audience issues and answer queries live onstage. Listen in to hear First’s Jess Martin and CoreLogic’s Lucie Fortier work through data challenges for Inman’s Hacker audience …

What you need to know about APIs and real estate tech that talks

Is there a trick to getting application programming interfaces (APIs) right? Jess Martin, co-founder and chief technology officer (CTO) at First says you should always save optimization for later: you want to make wise decisions as you’re developing, b…

This app predicts which of your contacts will sell ‘First’

First is an in-network marketing tool for agents that uses big data and AI (artificial intelligence) to predict who in your sphere of influence will sell first …

Beyond predictive analytics: Data-powered farming and sphere marketing

How can real estate professionals use data to see into the future and figure out who’s going to sell their house soon, or which person in their database is most likely to transact …