WATCH: The New Kids on the Block

Hear from Roofstock’s Gary Beasley, Punchlist’s Rich Estes, ShelterZoom’s Chao Cheng-Shorland, PrestoIntelligence’s Vernand Morency, Echovate’s Matthew Gough,’s David Karandish, Commersh’s Kayla Jane, MapTrack’s Hunter Stevens and’s Molly McKinley about their businesses in under a minute onstage at Inman Connect New York. 

WATCH: What should be in your marketing toolbox?

What are people really using when it comes to marketing essentials like photo sourcing, editing, Instagram tools and apps? What do these things cost, and what are the advantages?

8 steps for crafting a solid real estate marketing plan

As a real estate agent, how you sell yourself often directly translates into how many homes you sell. Here are ICNY speakers’ top tips on how agents can upgrade their marketing game.

9 strategies for hunting, fishing and farming in a shifting market

As the market turns, it’s critical to keep growing your client base through a combination of hunting, fishing and farming, Inman Connect panelists explain.

Inman announces the first round of sponsors for ICNY19

Tallahassee, Fla. (Nov. 29, 2018) – Inman Group® announced the first 23 companies that will be sponsoring Inman Connect New York, Jan. 28-Feb. 1, 2019.

Agents reap the spoils of new technology, not consumers

In real estate, innovations in technology have ignored the consumer. Instead, agents get clever digital marketing tools and backend applications.

Artificial intelligence startup raises $5 million, a startup that uses artificial intelligence to predict when people are going to move, has raised $5 million in Series A funding.

Real estate tracking app demo: Hacker Connect

Is the Dominos tracking app better than any real estate tracking app out there? Believe it or not, the answer to that questions used to be “yes”. Fortunately, Shane Farkas of The Agency and Jess Martin of took the Inman Stage to explain how th…

Inman announces another 12 Startup Alley participants for ICSF17

Tallahassee, Fla. (July 11 2017) – Inman® announced another 12 companies that will be exhibiting in Startup Alley at Inman Connect San Francisco, Aug. 7-11, …

Predictive analytics and data: figuring out what buyers and sellers are doing next

Wouldn’t it be nice to know if someone wanted to sell a home before he or she did? Real estate agencies might never be able to truly predict the future, but thanks to advances in predictive analytics and advanced data, they’re getting pretty close …